Garland ISD: CTE Marketing Cluster

Students learn how to present themselves for success, sell products and services. Classroom instruction along with work-based learning experiences help students develop marketing expertise, understand the needs of the consumer and learn the importance of customer satisfaction.


  • Social media marketer
  • Market research analyst
  • Event planner
  • Public relations specialist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • E-marketer
  • Press Secretary
  • Teacher

Graduation planning

Endorsement: Business & Industry

See course descriptions and endorsement pathways on the high school course descriptions page.

Available certificates

  • A*S*K Fundamental Marketing Concepts
  • American Airlines Professional Communications (iCEV)
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB)
  • National Retail Federation (NRF) Customer Service

Clubs and Organizations 

One of the best ways to acquire experience in your chosen career is by joining a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO).