Mask FAQs

The Garland ISD Board of Trustees approved a measure to temporarily require masks to be worn indoors at all GISD schools and facilities, as well as on buses, regardless of vaccination status.

Students and staff were provided an opportunity to request a mask exemption. This temporary mask requirement remains in effect through Tuesday, Oct 26, or until further guidance is provided.

Please note that all visitors must wear masks while indoors on district premises.

of students masked
out of 53,591*

*As of 9/1/21 enrollment snapshot

of staff masked
out of 7,203*

*As of 9/1/21

Masks Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the recent mask mandate.


Are masks required for outdoor activities and events, such as practices, performances, and games? [8/31/21]

Students are not required to wear masks while participating in outdoor activities and events, including, but not limited to, practices, performances, and games. Masks are required to be worn while using district transportation to travel to and from an event/activity.

Since attendance outside of school hours is optional for spectators, masks are encouraged and recommended to be worn for all spectators at outdoor events but not required.


Are masks required for participating in indoor activities and events, such as practices, performances, and games? [8/31/21]

Students are required to wear their masks, unless they have filed an exemption,  before and after practice, performance, or game. This includes traveling to and from the event, during set up, strike, and other related activities.  Coaches and directors will communicate to students when masks are not appropriate according to the activity.

All students, teachers, staff members, and visitors, including parents and volunteers, will be required to wear masks
indoors at all district facilities (except for applicable exemptions for students and staff).  Campuses will provide masks to visiting patrons.

Are masks required for when participating in club and organization activities outside the school day? [8/31/21]

The mask requirement (except for applicable exemptions) are in effect indoors at all district facilities, despite the time of day.  Mask requirements are in effect during field trips for staff and students without a mask exemption.


Will masks be provided if a student forgets to bring theirs or loses one during the day? [8/24/21]


Will face shields be an option if a student or employee is unable to wear a mask? [8/24/21]

If a student or employee is medically or developmentally unable to wear a mask, a face shield will be an option.

If someone is vaccinated do they still have to wear a mask? [8/24/21]


Will absences due to the mask mandate be excused? [8/24/21]

No, they are UNEXCUSED absences and will be considered for truancy.  Students must be in attendance for 90% of class offerings in order to receive credit for the class.  Unexcused absences could lead to a truancy court filing.

Will students who are absent due the mask mandate be able to complete and receive full credit for all missing assignments, activities & exams from home? [8/24/21]

Policy EIA (Local) offers us guidance concerning how student work should be graded. Grades may be reduced in the case of an unexcused absence, a late assignment, or academic dishonesty. Policy EIA (legal)  explains that a classroom teacher must assign a grade that reflects the student’s relative mastery of an assignment; may not assign a minimum grade for an assignment without regard to the student’s quality of work; and may allow a student a reasonable opportunity to make up or redo a class assignment or examination for which the student received a failing grade. Per policy FEC, students that fall below the 90% attendance requirement due to absences may complete a plan created by the principal or his designee to regain credit for the course. 

When will schools provide students who are kept home due to their parents disagreeing with the mask mandate with all of their missing assignments? [8/24/21]

If teachers are using Canvas, it can be done concurrently. We do not have to wait until the student returns for them to access the assignments. Parents may also make arrangements with the attendance office to pick up assignments.

What are the mask protocols in the cafeteria, since Plexiglas was removed? [8/24/21]

We are in the process of  placing the Plexiglas back in our cafeterias.  Students are not required to wear a mask while eating.

What if there is a special needs employee or student who can’t wear a cloth mask? [8/24/21]

We will always work with accommodations requests. One possible alternative is a face shield.