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Medicine at school

Medicine at school

Only medication that cannot be given outside of the school day will be administered at school (i.e. mealtimes, physician designated time, four times a day or greater.) All medication taken at school must be prescribed by a doctor or dentist licensed to practice in the State of Texas. School nurses must also have a signed parent request.

Label requirements

All medication must be in the original container and properly labeled with:

  • student’s name

  • name of medication

  • dosage and times to be taken.

Giving medication to school/nurse

All medications must be deposited with the school nurse or in the school office. It is recommended that only a 30 day supply be brought to school.

It is strongly suggested that a parent deliver the medication to the clinic and remain to count the medication amount with school personnel.

Unused medication

Unused medication may be returned home with a student with written parent permission.

Over-the-counter medications

Over-the-counter medications like advil and cough drops will not be administered at school unless there is:

  1. A signed doctor’s order giving specific instructions for medication administration

  2. A signed parent request

Students carrying their own medicine

Students may carry and self-administer emergency rescue medication while at school or school functions with permission from parents, physician, and school nurse.