Memorial Pathway Academy

The Non-Traditional High School Program offers three computer-based educational sessions to meet the needs of diverse students. With morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, Memorial hopes to accommodate numerous student schedules. Teachers and students work with two computer-based programs to complete course requirements.

Apex, a web based virtual school, is the primary software that students use to obtain original credits. It is user-friendly and visually interesting, yet it is also academically challenging and rigorous. In addition, the school offers the E2020 online computer system to help students earn elective credits.

The teacher student ratio is significantly less at Memorial with 1 teacher per 15 students. This allows teachers to give students more one on one individualized attention and support. Students needing TAKS or STAAR testing are offered tutoring in a small group setting.

Teachers and staff also offer student encouragement through a unique wall signing ceremony held each Friday. Each student who has completed one or more courses is allowed to place his or her name on large wall in the cafeteria.

Potential students are identified at their home campuses by their counselors, teachers, and administrators. Once identified, the students must submit an application and go through an interview process with the principal and counselor. If a student meets all the criteria, he or she will be admitted to the program.