Middle school course descriptions

Select a subject area to see descriptions of the required and electives courses offered at our middle schools.

Course options and descriptions

English Language Arts (ELA)

ELA course descriptions

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

CTE course descriptions

Health, physical education and athletics

Health, PE, and athletics course descriptions

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

LOTE course descriptions


Math course descriptions

Miscellaneous electives

Miscellaneous electives course descriptions


Science course descriptions

Social Studies

Social Studies course descriptions

Technology Applications

Tech Apps course descriptions

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

VAPA course descriptions


(H)Honors courses with higher expectations for students
(R)Regular courses taught on grade level
(B)Indicates the course receive Basic credit grade points
(NGP)Indicates the course does not receive grade points
Indicates a Classical Magnet course offered only at the Classical Center at Brandenburg
EHEnriched Honors course offered only at Austin Academy

Indicates a course for English Learners

MSTIndicates a Math, Science & Technology Magnet course at the Jackson Technology Center
SE emptyIndicates a Special Education course
(AP) emptyIndicates an Advanced Placement (AP) or Pre-AP course
GBLIndicates a Global Business magnet course offered only at Sellers MS