Middle School Band

Middle School Band instruction begins in sixth grade. In most cases, students are divided into "like-instrument" classes. Students practice performance skills and have several opportunities to perform in concerts and competitions.

During the first year, students study:

  • tone production
  • fingerings
  • rhythm
  • instrument care
  • basic musical terms

After the first year, students are assigned to one of three performing bands:

  • Honors
  • Symphonic
  • Concert

Students continue developing their skills while performing in concerts, pep rallies, football games and UIL contests. Students are also encouraged to participate in individual events such as Solo & Ensemble Contest and All-City Band tryouts.

How to enroll in middle school band

  1. Select one of the band choices on the choice of subject form available at the elementary schools in February
  2. The band director from your selected middle school will contact you and invite you to a beginning band information meeting
  3. You will be matched to the instrument that fits you best.

It is vital that all students go through this process and not just sign up for the class that you want. If you have not heard from the band director by April 1st, you can call them at their school for more information.

Middle School All-District Band

Each year, middle school band students are given the opportunity to audition for a position in the GISD Middle School All-District Band. The tryouts consist of the performance of selected etudes as well as scales and sight-reading. From this audition, the judges select the very top students to perform with the Middle School All-District Band.

High School Band

Each student must complete an audition and is then placed in the level-appropriate band. High school level band courses include:

  • Honors
  • Symphonic
  • Concert
  • Jazz
  • Fundamental Band Studies
  • Instrumental Ensemble

The various bands perform in concerts, community performances, pep rallies and contests. All bands combine to form the marching band and perform at athletic events and statewide competitions.

Students are also encouraged to participate in individual activities such as UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, All-City Band Tryouts, All-Region, Area, and State Tryouts.



General music instruction begins in kindergarten. All elementary children work with certified music specialists.

Most campuses offer honor choir to fourth and fifth grade students for additional vocal training. Third and fourth graders may also audition for the Garland ISD Children's Chorus.

The Garland ISD Children's Chorus

Being a part of the Garland ISD Children’s Chorus organization is a unique experience for talented young musicians. There is one choir for fourth graders and one for fifth graders that also perform together as one mass choir.

Elementary students from every campus in our district audition each spring. Final selections are made based on an assessment including:

  • vocal technique
  • pitch matching
  • tone quality
  • degree of preparation

Students in the Children’s Chorus begin their year with a four day summer workshop to learn the music and get acquainted with the other students. Weekly 90 minute rehearsals are held Monday nights at Luna Elementary.

For announcements and performance information, see the Children’s Chorus Family page.

Middle School

Exact course offerings vary from campus to campus but in general, sixth grade students participate in treble and mixed choirs. After the initial year, students are assigned to Mixed, Treble, or A Cappella Choirs based on their skill level.

High School

Students continue to develop fundamental skills and participate in a variety of performance opportunities. Each student must complete an audition and is then placed in the level-appropriate choir.

High school level courses include:

  • Treble
  • Mixed Choir
  • A Cappella Choir
  • Vocal Ensemble

Choir Performances & Contests

The performance opportunities for the various choirs include concerts, community performances, and contests. Students are also encouraged to participate in individual events such as UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, All-Region Choir tryouts, and State Choir Tryouts.


Instruction in stringed instruments is offered at the elementary level at:

  • Hillside Academy for Excellence
  • Kimberlin Academy for Excellence
  • Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence

Students interested in beginning or continuing string study at the middle school level may do so at:

  • Austin Academy for Excellence
  • Jackson Technology Center for Math and Science
  • Webb Middle School

Orchestra programs are offered at the high school level at:

  • Garland High School
  • North Garland High School


Piano lab classes are offered in Garland ISD at:

  • The Classical Center at Vial
  • Austin Academy for Excellence
  • The Classical Center at Brandenburg
  • Garland High School
  • Lakeview Centennial High School


Classical guitar study is offered only at Garland High School.

Music Enrichment Program

The Music Enrichment Program is offered as an optional addition to regular classroom instruction. Students who enroll in the program will have an opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our outstanding enrichment teachers on literature and techniques specific to their specific instrument or voice.

For questions about the Music Enrichment Program contact your child’s music teacher.

MEP policies and procedures

How does it work?
  • The Music Enrichment Program is administered by the Director of Visual and Performing Arts and district music staff.

  • The enrichment teachers will be recruited, interviewed and recommended by district music teachers.

  • Lessons are taught in practice rooms and classrooms of schools during music classes, lunch hour, before or after school, and on weekends.

  • No lessons will be scheduled during academic classes.

  • Students may stop taking lessons at the end of any month.

  • A student may be dropped by an instructor, with approval of the supervising director, for excessive absences, failure to make satisfactory progress or unacceptable behavior.
Who can participate?
  • Enrichment lessons are available to any student in a middle or high school music course.

  • Participation is completely voluntary.

  • All students who participate must first complete an application form with the signature of a parent/guardian. These forms are available from either a music enrichment teacher or district teacher.
Supplies and cost
  • The private lesson fee is $18.00 per lesson for Middle School and $20.00 per lesson for High School. Fees are paid directly to lesson teachers.

  • Students provide all instructional materials (books, music etc.)

  • Teachers are strongly urged to temporarily postpone lessons if students are behind in payments for more than 5 lessons until the balance is paid.
Attendance policy

The music enrichment teachers (METs) and students will both be required to make every effort to keep lesson appointments. METs are not required to give make-up lessons.

Students should give at least 24 hours of advance notice if they will miss a scheduled lesson. The teacher and/or supervising director may make exceptions in the event of sudden illness or emergency.

METs are allowed to set their own attendance policy as long as it adheres to the following:

  • Excused absences will be made up or a credit given as determined by the MET. The following will be considered excused absences: school sponsored trips, sickness (with proper notice), school testing, school change of scheduling, circumstances out of student's control (fire alarm, school bus late, etc.)
  • Unexcused absences will not be refunded or made up by the teacher. The teacher will be paid for the lesson by any monies collected. Unexcused absences will consist of, but not limited to: forgetting about lessons, choosing to do another activity during scheduled lesson time, or unmodified absences (sickness, trips, etc.).