Musical performances teach personal finance

What do music and money sense have in common? Garland ISD partnered with nonprofit Funding the Future to host financial literacy concerts at all secondary schools this fall. Popular bands GOODING, Carter Hulsey and The Reminders toured the district treating students to exclusive shows, as well as tips on credit scores, savings accounts and more.

“We are proudly working with the Texas Council on Economic Education and GISD to ensure that every secondary student in the district, and ultimately Texas overall, is impacted with critical personal finance and money management skills that set them individually, and therefore the community as a whole, up for success,” said Funding the Future CEO Carolyn Powell.

Financial literacy education is not required in the state of Texas, and according to Funding the Future, 76% of millennials lack basic financial knowledge. By focusing on the importance of personal money management at a young age, students will learn tools to make informed decisions throughout their lives, gaining the discipline and confidence to see their own dreams as possibilities. GISD is the first district in the nation to offer these unique musical performances to all secondary schools, reaching more than 10,000 students.

For more information, visit the Funding the Future website.