New magnet program prepares global graduates

Preparing students for the real world, Garland ISD's Global Business, Language and Leadership (GBL) magnet program—unveiled in fall 2014—teaches skills essential to today's society. Participants engage in challenge-based learning to expand their understanding of business, marketing and finance within an international context. Mandarin Chinese courses and the opportunity to study abroad also expose students to other cultures.  And, they develop leadership skills through community service activities, portfolios, student organizations, academic competitions, etc. Dual credit business courses, a student project management capstone class and the magnet’s collaboration with the local business industry help students when applying to colleges and universities, as well.

"Naaman Forest High School and Sellers Middle School are proud to host this exciting program," said GBL magnet advisor Tracy Glick. "Learning Mandarin, business etiquette, marketing strategies and more truly opens the door for future career possibilities to our students."

Those at Weaver Elementary School have been getting a head start since 2015. The campus proudly offers the first public school Mandarin Chinese dual language program in North Texas. Dubbed the Mandarin Chinese Language and Leadership magnet, it prepares participants for GBL. Half of the instructional day is taught in the world's most widely spoken language.

“Worldwide, there are roughly 1 billion Mandarin speakers, compared to a combined 800 million English and Spanish speakers,” commented Glick. “Our district leaders recognized that our students need to speak a language other than English to be competitive in a global market."

Naaman, Sellers and Weaver are all Confucius Classrooms, a national network of exemplary Chinese language programs selected through a competitive application process. Receiving a grant and teaching resources, Confucius Classrooms also partner with schools in China to enhance opportunities for language learning, joint projects and exchanges.

Visit GISD's magnet webpage for more information about these programs.