Newcomer support

We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for our Newcomer English Learners. Newcomers English Learners (ELs) are students who are:

  • in their first year in the United States
  • are classified as Non-English Speakers or are at the beginning level of language ability

In our district, English Language Learners (ELLs) who are identified as Newcomer ELs are provided the opportunity to participate in the different programs designed to support students who are beginning to learn the English language. Our program sets the foundation for our students to thrive and be successful in their next years as students in the United States. 

Newcomer programming

Newcomer Programming supports:

  • Correctly identifying Newcomers

  • Appropriate program placement

  • Teacher training on Newcomer-specific strategies

  • Providing resources specific to Newcomers 

Through doing these, the district will be able to ease the transition of Newcomers into U.S. schools and grow Newcomers to at least one language proficiency level in TELPAS by the end of the school year.


In the elementary level, Newcomers are recommended to participate in either our Bilingual (Spanish and Vietnamese) or in traditional classrooms as ESL students. All our Bilingual and ESL teachers receive training in Sheltered Instruction.


Newcomers at the secondary level have the option to attend the Newcomer Center housed at Memorial Pathway Academy.  The Newcomer Program for middle school and high school Newcomers at Memorial Pathway Academy is designed to reinforce second language acquisition for newly-arrived immigrants. Teachers in this program also get extra training and support for teaching and helping newcomers. 

Though most newcomers go to the Newcomer Center, they can also opt to go to a traditional middle school or high school depending on their circumstances. When they opt to go to their traditional campus, they will have additional support via the Newcomer team, LPAC, EL Secondary Team and the Sheltered Instruction team.