Nurses enhance, impact campuses districtwide

Like teachers, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff and administrators, Garland ISD nurses are are vital to student success. GISD is fortunate to have a registered nurse (RN) at every campus—a bragging right brought on by putting students first.

“GISD’s student population has increased over the past several years. This has related to an increase in clinic traffic and impairment assessments, as well as a higher standard of care documentation, and more students in need of chronic disease case management,” said Director of Health Services Maggie Willis. “It was the principals who were the lead on ensuring an RN was on-campus to care for students. Seven new nurses were added in the fall of 2013, which allowed all campuses to have a full-time RN and two RNs on high schools.” 

Since the mission’s completion, campus staff and students have shown much appreciation for these caretakers.

“Faculty and staff honor their nurses for the great job they do,” Willis stated. “I am very proud to be a part of this group." 

The compassionate bunch is not only recognized by their campus families. Lakeview Centennial High School’s Rebecca Cherry was named as one of Dallas’ best, featured as one of D Magazine’s 2016 Excellence in Nursing winners.

“She loves our students and this can be easily seen,” said one LCHS staff member who nominated Cherry. “Any time one of our students and their family has a crisis, she goes above and beyond to help.”

Thirteen of Cherry’s counterparts received the Texas School Nurse Organization’s Shout Out award in 2015-16. The distinction signifies the impact these outstanding leaders have on campus. Each one was honored for serving as a comforter, healer and advisor every day, making sure students and staff are safe and ready to learn and teach.

GISD is proud to be the home of a remarkable group of nurses. Nurses who are sure to continue making a difference in the lives of students, staff and the community for years to come.