Open Enrollment FAQ for applicants

See the frequently asked questions below to learn more about the Open Enrollment program.

May a student select any campus in Garland ISD?

The campuses and number of seats available for Open Enrollment program students is limited and will be determined by the GISD administration based upon campus and grade level capacity, growth projections, teacher allocations, and/other administrative considerations.

Will Open Enrollment students be eligible for transportation from their homes to the district?

No, parents will be required to provide transportation to and from school for their child(ren).

Can any student in Texas transfer to Garland ISD under this if they are virtual learners only?

Open Enrollment program students are not eligible for GISD’s ICON Virtual School.

Once accepted as a GISD student, will the student be able to transfer to another school in the district?

No, the student must remain at the school they enrolled in for the entire year. Any change in school would require another Open Enrollment application for the upcoming school year.

Can an Open Enrollment student apply and be admitted into a magnet program?

All interested resident students will complete the magnet application process earlier in the spring. Open Enrollment participants will be allowed to apply for remaining seats and cannot be placed ahead of a resident student who may be taking part in the second chance application process.

Can an Open Enrollment program student become valedictorian or salutatorian or top ten?

Yes, only if the student has been in the district for two consecutive years. Our EIC Local board policy requires that students be in attendance at the same high school for the four consecutive semesters prior to graduation in order to be eligible for the highest graduation honors.

Can an Open Enrollment student take classes at the Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center (GRCTC)?

Yes, if the student takes and passes the required prerequisite classes, they are eligible to attend classes at the GRCTC.

How will UIL eligibility be handled for transfer students?

The UIL has rules and procedures in place that govern eligibility for students   transferring campuses. We will continue to follow all UIL guidelines and regulations to assure that students correctly meet eligibility requirements.

According to UIL rules students who transfer, but do not reside in the district are not eligible for varsity competition for one calendar from the date they enrolled in their new school. The only exception to participate at the varsity level is if the transfer student applies for a UIL Parent Residence waiver and the UIL approves the waiver. Students are eligible to participate at the sub-varsity and middle school teams.

Can an Open Enrollment student audition and participate in cheer and drill team since they are not UIL programs?

Unfortunately, the application window opens after tryouts for those programs. If a student attends with us for the following school year, they would be an enrolled student who is eligible for tryouts.

If an Open Enrollment student is removed for attendance, grades or disciplinary reasons, can they reapply the following year?

Students will not be ‘removed’ during the course of the school year. The review process is at near the end of the school year. The student will complete the current school year and will be ineligible for the upcoming school year.

Will Open Enrollment students have access to take AP and IB exams at no charge?

Yes, once they are enrolled in the district, they are a GISD student who is eligible for the same classes as any other student in the district.

Can Open Enrollment students participate in bilingual, ESL, special education or dyslexia programs?


When will a parent know which campuses are available for Open Enrollment? Or are students assigned by the district?

During the application process, parents will only see campuses that have availability in the grade level and program needed for their student.

Will PreK and Kindergarten aged students be able to participate in the Open Enrollment Program?

Yes, the Open Enrollment transfer window for Pre-K students will open on June 1, 2021.