Parent-led PreK-6 Temporary Virtual Learning (TVL)

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TVL for K-6 ending Nov. 19

The last day of Temporary Virtual Learning for Kindergarten through grade 6 will be Friday, November 19Students that did not enroll or qualify for the ICON Virtual School program will need to return to face-to-face on Monday, November 29.

As there is no vaccine available at this time for 4-year-olds, we will continue Pre-K TVL until further notice.

Find details about the parent-led temporary virtual learning (TVL) option for students in prekindergarten through sixth grade. 

A young student works on her assignments on her couchThe temporary parent-led virtual learning plan is very different from what your child experienced last year during remote learning:

  • All learning will be self-paced and asynchronous.
  • Students will access learning by watching videos and completing activities posted in Canvas.
  • TVL will follow the GISD curriculum scope and sequence and use district resources to support a smooth transition back to face-to-face.
  • PreK-5 instruction is available in integrated Reading Language Arts/Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Grade 6 instruction will be available in Reading Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.
  • Parents are encouraged to include time in their daily schedule to support SEL and physical activity.
  • There is no option for participation in extracurricular activities for TVL students.

This program will be re-evaluated at the end of the first six-weeks, and then every three weeks. 

Participating in TVL

The parent will serve as the learning facilitator and will be fully responsible for their child’s learning. Parents will create the learning schedule that works best with their family situation.

Lessons will be shared with families participating in TVL through Canvas, the district's learning management system. The curriculum is based on grade level and the course.


While attendance will not be taken, staff will monitor time spent by each student, as well as their participation in the Canvas courses.

District devices

Students will be provided a district-issued Chromebook. Hotspots will be available upon request for families without internet access.  Please contact your campus and make arrangements to pick up the needed devices. 

Social and emotional support

We provide many options to help meet the social and emotional needs of our families. Students will engage in social and emotional learning daily through Canvas courses. 

Enrollment (closed Aug. 20, 2021)

GISD will hold your child’s seat at their enrolled campus until the temporary virtual school closes.  Students will remain on the home campus teacher’s roster, but the teacher will not instruct the student.  The home campus teacher will re-engage with your child when they return for in-person instruction.

Returning to in-person learning

Students can return to in-person learning at any time. However, they cannot go back and forth between parent-led TVL and face-to-face learning. To return to face-to-face learning after participating in parent-led TVL, please contact your child’s campus to make the change.


Go to Canvas to access lessons for your student.

See our Canvas for Families page for tips on making a parent account and more.

Log in to Canvas

Need help finding the login information for Canvas? See how to find student credentials in Skyward.

Have Skyward questions? Find contact information and more on Skyward Help.

Meal pickup (updated 11/3/21)

Student meals are available for weekly curbside pick-up for virtual learners. Meals will cover breakfast and lunch for Monday-Friday. 

  • Pick up will be at North Garland High School on Tuesdays from 5-6 p.m.

  • Parent pick-up is allowed with a valid student name and ID number.

  • Proof must be shown that the student is a virtual learner enrolled in GISD.

Get help

Office hours

Beginning Aug. 30, we will have staff available to provide direct learning support. Virtual meeting links and other information will be in the student's Canvas account.

  •  Monday-Friday: 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Technical Support

Tech support: Get help with district devices

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Email: | Phone: 972-494-8566


Our counselors are here for student and family support. Visit our virtual counseling page and complete a request for online counseling.  A GISD counselor will contact you within 24 - 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

TVL started on Monday (8/23/21), but I received an email and call from our home campus that my child was absent on Monday and Tuesday? [8/25/21]

The district will be centrally adjusting attendance for all enrolled TVL students who did not attend school on Monday (8/23/21) and Tuesday (8/24/21). 


How do students re-enroll in face-to-face learning? [8/25/21]

Please contact your student’s current campus. The data clerk can change the enrollment back to face to face.


We are having problems accessing the TVL Canvas courses and/or our login. Who do we contact? [8/25/21]

Please contact your home campuses for issues related to your child’s TVL Canvas access.


My child is enrolled in TVL and will need a device and hotspot. Who do I contact? [8/25/21]

Please contact your home campuses. They should have the devices you need for participation in TVL.


I understand that academic content will start on Monday, 8/30/21. What supplies or materials will my child need to participate in TVL? [8/25/21]

For Elementary Students: Students need to pick up their school supplies (including paper, pencils, crayons, spiral notebooks or journals), Envision Math consumable workbooks (volumes 1 & 2), and their HMH MyBook consumable.  

For Middle School Students: Students need to pick up their school supplies. No additional textbooks or printed materials are needed for TVL.


Is the TVL curriculum and activities the same as face-to-face? [8/25/21]

TVL content will be posted via Canvas and will be different from the content that face-to-face students are working on.  The TVL content will be developed at grade level according to the TEKs.


How will attendance be taken for TVL students? [8/23/21]

Student attendance will not be taken during TVL. 

Will the district be providing dyslexia services for my child? [8/23/21]

Yes, dyslexia services will be provided.  

Will my child receive the same SpEd/504 specialized services he/she receives on campus? [8/23/21]

During temporary parent-led virtual instruction, no direct instruction with general education teachers, special education teachers, and related/instructional service providers will be provided. Parents of children eligible for special education will have the same opportunity to meet with a tutor during office hours.  Related and/or instructional services will be provided in the same manner through activities provided to the student through an online platform. 

Upon return from temporary parent-led virtual learning, the ARDC will meet to review progress on the IEP and consider compensatory services.  Garland ISD is ready, willing, and able to provide the services as documented in the IEP in face to face instruction.

When will TVL parents and students get access to the TVL online materials? [8/23/21]

Starting 8/24/21, TVL enrolled parents and students will have access to the TVL Canvas orientation modules. Grade-level Canvas content will be accessible starting 8/30/21.

How will assignments be graded and will we receive any feedback from the classroom teacher? [8/23/21]

Since TVL is parent directed, assignments will not be graded by classroom teachers.  Parents may request general feedback during Learner Support Office hours from 4:30 PM-5:30 PM (Monday through Thursday) starting 8/30/21.

How often will course content be updated? [8/23/21]

TVL Canvas content will be updated by the first instructional day of the week.

What will the criteria be for the district no longer offering TVL? [8/23/21]

TVL will be provided during the first six weeks, and then every three weeks based on available data.  Some data points will include availability of vaccines to this age group, contagion rates, student Canvas participation, etc.

When will assignments be due? [8/23/21]

There will be no due dates for assignments.  TVL parents are encouraged to keep up with weekly assignments to support their children.

Will TVL students be allowed to participate in Intersession activities? [8/23/21]

No TVL students will not participate in Intercession.  Intersession will only be offered through face-to-face instruction.

Will Gifted and Talented services be provided as part of TVL? [8/23/21]

All instruction will be provided on grade level during TVL. 

How will language learners be supported in Temporary Virtual Learning (TVL)? [8/23/21]

All language learners will have access to language resources and activities to improve their language development in the Temporary Virtual Learning (TVL) school.

Students in a Dual Language Spanish Program (PK-5th) will find the following lessons and activities to match classroom instruction:

  • Spanish Reading lessons (PK-1st)
  • Spanish and English Reading lessons (2nd -5th)
  • Spanish Science lessons (PK-5th)
  • English Math lessons (PK-5th)

Students in a Dual Language Vietnamese Program (PK-2nd), will find Vietnamese language supports including these lessons and activities to match classroom instruction:

  • Vietnamese language arts culture and heritage (PK-2nd)
  • Vietnamese and English Math lessons (PK-2nd)
  • English Reading lessons
  • English Science lessons
Why is this parent-led? Why didn’t you just copy last year’s model? [8/18/21]

Garland ISD committed to our teachers that they would not teach in a dual face-to-face and virtual format again. Like other districts across the country, we are impacted by the teacher shortage. A program like TVL requires many additional teachers at a time when all school districts are struggling to fill all vacancies.  For this temporary learning option, we are relying on our parents to facilitate the learning.

Why is this not available to students beyond grade 6? [8/18/21]

Vaccines are available to students age 12+ and are not yet available for children under 12.  This temporary virtual learning option is designed to support our children who have no current vaccine available.

Garland ISD strongly encourages all staff and students to get vaccinated, if eligible, and to wear masks to reduce the risk of contracting a severe case of COVID-19.  Garland ISD parent-led TVL is only temporary.  Data will be reviewed every 3 weeks to determine its continuation.

How is this different from Remote Conferencing? [8/18/21]

Remote conferencing is an option for face-to-face learners to continue their learning while they are quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19 or another highly contagious illness. 

Remote conferencing provides 2 hours daily of synchronous learning for elementary students and 4 hours for secondary students. This is facilitated by Garland ISD staff.  Students who participate in remote conferencing will be marked present.  Students may only access remote conferencing for up to 20 school days per year. 

TVL is fully virtual learning and is parent-led.


Can I change my mind? [8/18/21]

Yes!  Students can return to in-person learning at any time. However, they cannot go back and forth between parent-led TVL and face-to-face learning.

To return to face-to-face learning after participating in parent-led TVL, please contact your child’s campus. 

What happens if my child struggles in this virtual learning model? [8/18/21]

Virtual learning is not for every child.  If your child is struggling, we encourage you to bring them back on campus for face-to-face learning.


Will I lose my seat at my home campus? [8/18/21]

We will hold your child’s seat at their home campus, and they will remain on the teacher’s roster.  However, the teacher will not be interacting with your child or providing instructional support until the child returns to in-person learning at their school.

I work during the day, how will I support my child’s learning? [8/18/21]

Because this is a parent-led model, you can create the learning schedule that works best for your family.


Who do I contact with additional questions? [8/18/21]

Please email