Park Crest staff welcomes students with surprise visits

Park Crest Elementary School kicked off 2016-17 with a personal touch. For the second year, campus staff visited approximately 200 students one week before school started, knocking on doors across town to greet and meet parents and incoming or returning Panthers.

“Round two was a big hit,” said Principal Raelyn Scroggin. “Parents were anticipating the visit and had baked treats for many of the teachers.”

Teachers were not the only ones to receive a treat that day. In addition to meeting their new teacher face-to-face, students were given a Park Crest cup, a pencil and a special invite to the school’s porch party.  

“Home visits are important to our community because we go out of our way to welcome students and families to our school,” Scroggin expressed. “We get to know a little more about the student, the environment and community they live in—which makes our relationship more personal. The better the relationship, the greater chance of student success.”

Student achievement is the driving force behind this newly established Park Crest tradition.

“Parents love home visits. They were even posting pictures of their students with their teachers on Facebook,” Scroggin stated. “We had huge academic gains at our school last year, and we believe that building parent relationships was one of the factors that ensured our students' success.”