Phase 1 bond projects kick off with campus renovations, new CTE Center

As construction started across the street from Naaman Forest High School last month, so did neighborhood chatter. The future Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center draws much anticipation and excitement. It is one of many Bond 2014 projects currently underway.

“Seeing the construction makes me excited to tell friends and visitors about Garland ISD,” said Naaman Forest High School Principal Erika Crump. “We recently had a group of Dutch educators visit and they were so impressed by the opportunities already available to students and how many more the CTE Center will provide. The district truly supports all of our students’ interests and futures.”

Set to make its debut in 2017-18, the CTE Center will allow students to explore interests regardless of their home campus. Courses include everything from animation to culinary arts to engineering, offered in morning or afternoon sessions. The Center will also boast Garland ISD and Junior Achievement of Dallas’ joint venture—BizTown—a simulated city designed to teach sixth-graders about participating in a global economy.

In addition to the CTE Center, 13 campuses and a Natatorium are included in the Phase 1 bond schedule. Southgate Elementary School is within that first batch. More than $3 million is budgeted for the campus, with electrical, plumbing and window upgrades among slated projects.

“We are extremely excited about the updates that are coming to Southgate,” said Principal Quinton Darden. “Not only are our students and staff going to the next level, so is our building. The needed updates will continue to boost our campus and community morale, as we take pride in our school that has been standing tall since 1963. We are grateful that our district and community have invested in providing our students a renovated building.”

Band and choir room additions, cameras, fire alarms and secured vestibules are just some of the enhancements campuses will soon receive. But other GISD facilities are already showcasing upgrades. Baseball and softball fields at district high schools were improved in the spring. The installation of lights, concessions, restrooms and ticket booths at all fields ensure equity and Title IX compliance.

“Restrooms and concessions were a definite need because some of our fields are not near schools,” said Director of Athletics Cliff Odenwald. “We are also glad lights have been installed. In the past, we had to start games early, which was inconvenient with a lot of work schedules and caused parents to miss part of play.”

Renovations and developments will continue at Phase 1 locations throughout the summer. To see the Bond 2014 project schedule, as well as additional updates and pictures, visit