Preparing for college tests

Learn about ways you can prepare for taking college readiness assessments. 

PSAT practice test with pencils, highlighters and sticky notesTexas requires that students take tests like the SAT, ACT and TSI-A to determine if they are ready for college.  Studies show that test scores improve significantly with practice. There are plenty of tools to get ready for your tests, such as online practice tools, invitation-only programs and special programs within our district.

Learn more about college readiness assessments on our college and career readiness page

Online test prep


Shmoop logoAll of our students can practice for the ACT, ASVAB, AP, PSAT, SAT and TSI-A using Shmoop's Test Prep Suite. To use Shmoop:

  1. Go to Ready Hub to access Shmoop.
  2. Sign in with your GISD login.
  3. Find and click on "My Stuff", and select "Test Prep Passes".
  4. Pick your test and get started.

Khan Academy

Khan academy logoWe have partnered with Khan Academy to provide personalized study plans based on their PSAT scores. To get started, simply link your PSAT or SAT scores to Khan Academy Official SAT Practice. Aim to work through each skill until you score at level three. 

Find out more about this free online resource and how students should set up and link their accounts on the Khan Academy instructional resource page. Remember, the skills needed to succeed on SAT can help with the TSI-A as well.

Campus opportunities

TSI-A Success program

Each high school campus has two TSI-A Success coaches. These coaches advise students on scores needed for college readiness, help enroll students in virtual TSI-A test prep and host intervention when needed. Coaches will arrange face-to-face or remote testing when students are ready to take the official TSI-A. 

PSAT/SAT Boot Camp

G I S D S A T Boot camp logo.Students are invited to attend a free college entrance exam prep program for the PSAT and SAT. We offer PSAT/SAT boot camps in the fall and SAT boot camps in the spring to help students succeed on the exam. 

Students may participate in virtual, student-driven test prep through Shmoop for the 2020-21 school year. Face-to-Face boot camps are not offered but may resume next school year.