SAT School Day

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

All students have to take a college readiness exam (SAT, ACT or TSI-A) before they can attend college classes. SAT School Day gives every junior an opportunity to take the SAT on campus for free.

It's important that students take this exam seriously or they could end up wasting time and money on remediation classes in college. 

For the SAT, students need to score at least a 480 on Reading & Writing and a 530 on Math to be considered college ready.

Learn more on the College & career readiness page and the PSAT/SAT page.

Get ready for the SAT

Khan Academy provides personalized study plans based on your PSAT or SAT scores.

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The PSAT/SAT Boot Camps help students train for their upcoming tests by instructing tips for success on the exams.

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