Sign up for free virtual doctor visits

We are excited to announce a new health service available for all students in Garland ISD. Students now have access to on-demand doctor visits through our partner, Hazel Health.

How does it work?

Students have access to virtual doctor visits right in the school nurse's office. Hazel Health doctors can evaluate your child’s symptoms and provide the appropriate type of treatment. If your child is sick at home, parents can also access Hazel doctor visits from home from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. on school days. 

For the next two weeks, Garland ISD is holding an Enrollment Drive to ensure 100% of families sign our new Student Health form. We ask that all families sign the form at this link to be prepared for student health this year:

Why sign up?

When students are not feeling well, they often miss more school when they can’t see a doctor. We are making doctor visits available to all students through Hazel, so they can receive medical care and return to learning faster. Wondering whether your child has allergies or a potential flu? Your child says they have a headache that just won’t go away, and you’re not sure whether it’s serious? Hazel can help, by providing access to a video doctor visit through your school nurse office, or from home. Hazel provides extended student health services including:

  • Medical treatment: For stomach aches, headaches, sprained ankles, asthma concerns, and everything in between
  • Medication: Prescriptions written or over-the-counter provided at school when needed
  • Coordination: With family physician and school 

It is important to us that all families are aware of this service, to help keep students healthy this school year. Parents who are unable to sign the form during our Enrollment Drive can still sign up at any time during the school year. We encourage you to do this early, so you are prepared for student health this year.