Skylert and Skyward communication settings

You have several options for customizing the way the district communicates with you and how you receive important notifications.

To have your home address updated, please send proof of residency to the main email for the schoolExamples of proof of residency include a photo of your lease or a water, gas or electric bill.

In Skyward Family Access, you can:

Skylert notifications

Skylert helps the district distribute news to families through emails, phone and SMS text messages.


Skylert settings allow you to choose how you are contacted for the following types of notifications:

  • Emergencies
  • Attendance
  • General campus information
  • General district information
  • General payment information
  • Surveys

Step 1: Update contact information

  1. Click on the Skylert tab.
  2. Enter up to four phone numbers (three for yourself and one under additional) to receive phone calls.
  3. Enter one or two email addresses (a home email and additional email)
  4. Enter up to four phone numbers to receive text messages.

Step 2: Choose type of notifications

  1. Select the types of notifications you want to get to each phone number and email address by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.
  2. Click the Save button.


Email address and notifications

You can set up email notifications for daily attendance and grading.

Step 1: Edit or add email addresses

Click on My Account.


Type in or edit your email address.


Step 2: Choose notifications

Choose the email notifications you want to get.


Click the Save button.


Skyward language

Spanish version

Skyward Family Access can use Google Translate to change the screen language.

Step 1: Enable Google Translate

Click on My Account.


Check the box next to Show Google Translator in Family Access and then click the Save button.


Step 2: Choose a language

The Select Language menu now displays in Skyward. Click the down arrow and select the desired language.


To toggle between original language and selected language, click the Show Original button or click the down arrow and select another language.


Language preference

You can receive report cards, progress notices, phone calls and emails in Spanish or Vietnamese.


Step 1: Navigate to family information

  1. Click the Student Info tab.
  2. Click on Request Changes for.
  3. Then select Family Information.


Step 2: Set home language

Key in the preferred language in the Home Language box and click the Save button.

Note: You can only choose Spanish or Vietnamese. Any other language enter will default to English.