Skyward Magnet Application and Program Continuation form

The Magnet Appplication and Program Continuation Form allows you to:

  • apply for magnet programs
  • choose to continue or exit your current magnet program

This form is available in Skyward Family Access during the magnet application period.

If you don't have a Skyward account, please see: how to create and activate a Skyward Family Access account.

If you are new to the district, you will need to enroll your child before you can apply for a magnet program. See the Enrollment page for details.

Fill out the Magnet Application form


Step 1: Open the form

  1. Click on Online Forms. A list of available forms will appear.
  2. Click Fill Out Form next to the Magnet Application form.

Step 2: Sign application

Read the five statements which outline what you as a parent/guardian must agree to in order to submit an magnet application.

  1. Click the checkbox next to each statement in the Permissions/Acknowledgements section.
  2. Type your name in the signature box. Typing your name as a parent or legal guardian represents your digital signature.


Step 3: Choose program continuation options

If your student is currently in a magnet program, there will be a program continuation option.

emptyChoose a statement from the drop-down box:

  • Continue in current program
  • Hold current seat and apply for new program
  • Exit current program (give away seat)
  • Exit current program (give away seat) and apply for a new program

Step 4: Select your magnet programs

  1. Select your preferred school/magnet program from the Choice 1 drop-down box. Schools/programs that your student qualifies for will be in the list. Students can not apply for schools/programs for which they did not meet minimum test scores.
  2. Indicate siblings if applicable. Select the "There is a sibling at this campus" checkbox and enter the sibling's student ID number and name.
  3. Select specific program(s) from the list of checkbox options if required. Some high school programs require selecting an interest area. For example, the Math, Science & Technology magnet program at North Garland High School allows students to choose a medical, engineering, architecture, computer science, multi-media/broadcasting or telecommunications focus.
  4. Sign up for testing if required. If a student is missing test scores, you will have a link to sign up for testing. Make sure you return to the application and complete the remaining steps after you sign up for a testing time.


Step 5: Confirm magnet programs

A confirmation screen will appear indicating your first and second choice, magnet seat selection/program continuation option, parent signature and signature date. You can print this screen for your records.

After reviewing, click the Complete Step 2 button.


Step 6: Submit application

To submit the application, you must confirm that you have completed the magnet application steps and that you wish to complete the application.

Click the Submit Magnet Application button.empty

Step 7: Confirm completion

Make sure you see the confirmation statement that your magnet application was successfully completed.empty

Change your magnet choices

To make changes after you have submitted your application, click the option that says, "Mark Magnet Application as not completed and make changes."

Click on SP1 Magnet Application.


Click Edit Step 1.


Make changes to your choices and then submit the application again. Make sure you see the confirmation statement that your magnet application was successfully completed.