Special announcement for veterans and active duty military

Launched in 2019–20, Garland ISD’s VIP pass program celebrates those who built the district’s tri-city community. This year, that celebration will expand to those who help protect the community as well. All veterans and active duty military can now join senior citizens 65+ to get a VIP pass for free admission to athletics and fine arts events. This gold card also grants access to exclusive district communications, making VIPs special insiders.

Registration is easy. Simply call 972-494-8580 to schedule an appointment with the GISD Print Shop. During your visit, bring a photo ID and one of the following, if applicable:

  • Military or Veteran ID Card
  • Veteran Health Identification Card
  • DD-214
  • Proof of Service Letter

Please note that COVID-19 may affect game and performance offerings during the 2020–21 school year.

Visit the Garland ISD VIP Pass page for more information.