Staff appreciation notes

The following GISD staff members have been recognized for going the extra mile during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank someone today. 

Pam Callison

She is our school nurse and has kept us safe with her caring ways and relentless contact tracing. She has been extraordinary. All school nurses should be applauded, but I want to shout out to her.

– James McKee, Co-worker

Naya Rivera

Naya has stepped up to challenge! PE teacher has been out, but she has filled in her shoes flawlessly. She's just a para but you can't tell by the way she taken lead. All the students love her and you can't miss noticing her hard work! Staff is very grateful for her.

– Natalie Marie Rivera, Student

Mrs. Kimberly Webb and Mrs. Kerri Irwin

Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Kerri,

Thank you for your loving kindness and patience teaching Micah! We can tell he's really learning and excited about it! - The Newbys

– Sarah Newby, Parent

Mrs. Andrea Hardgrave

I have been listening to instruction since the first day of school. I am so Thankful for Mrs. Hardgrave. She is kind and patient while still maintaining control over the class. She can get tough when it's needed, but comes back immediately with a pleasant, kind manner and tone. She has the ability to multi-task, assisting each student while always presenting an upbeat attitude and true desire to help each student. Mrs. Hardgrave seems to know each child's need and she strives to assist them in meeting their goals. In my opinion, Mrs. Hargrave makes that extra effort and step every day to make sure her students succeed. I feel blessed that Mrs. Hardgrave is my grandson's homeroom teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Hardgrave!

– Thea Eck, Parent/Guardian

Angela McGill

She went above and beyond to ensure that a student would not have to spend the night on the cold streets. Some might say this is the job of a counselor; however, they don’t know Ms. McGill. She truly cares and her students know it.

– Cynthia Williams, Co-worker/Friend

Yesenia Trevino

She is a glue that holds our school together. I appreciate her help always, and I enjoy collaborating with her.

– Noel Stroud, Co-worker

Ms. Ginnette Wafford

Ms. Wafford wants each and every student in her class to succeed and wants every student to understand and improve in their writing. She really puts effort in all her lessons so that we, as students, can be prepared for future tests and for college.

– Revin Philip, Student

Ms. Jacqueline Jenkins

Ms. Jenkins is such a fun teacher to have and, also, a good one too. She makes students understand each topic well and help students make class time more interesting than normal.

– Revin Philip, Student

Ms. Thanh Bui

Ms. Bui is such a great teacher because she makes sure each student really understands the given topic. She goes beyond her time to help students with struggles they have so that they can achieve a good and passing grade in her class.

– Revin Philip, Student

Ms. Lynsi Arango

Ms. Arango really cares for all her students and also makes sure each student is successful in each of their classes. She is also a really fun and playful teacher too!

– Revin Philip, Student