Staff appreciation notes

The following GISD staff members have been recognized for going the extra mile during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank someone today. 

Crystal Benitez

Crystal was a big help to me when I was trying to do a report in Skyward Data Mining. I had to call her multiple time before the report was done. She was so nice and answered all my questions. I appreciate her patience with me.

– Janna Guzman, Co-worker

Derik Hulsebus

Derik has been doing a fabulous job with our intersession scheduling and planning. I know he had a team to help him, but he was very organized and well planned! It was enjoyable working with him!

– Courtney Cox, Co-worker

Kathleen Nemeth- Dyslexia Teacher

Ms. Nemeth has gone above and beyond in helping my son with his dyslexia. With COVID, she ensured she could still help him even though he is an online learner. She has made him a priority and has included him in all aspects of the classroom. She went as far as dropping off school assignments and reading material to ensure he had the same access at the rest of the students. I am so thankful for her.

– Eloisa Escamilla , Parent

Angel Cazares

Angel is the office aide at Hickman Elementary. She is always smiling. She is always willing to help anyone at anytime. She has helped me so much. I am so appreciative. She is wonderful. She is a blessing to Hickman .

– Martha Burnett, Co-worker

Courtney Clearfield

Courtney is the District Testing Coordinator and she does many trainings for all types of assessments. She is so knowledgeable and and can teaches the material so everyone understands. She takes the time to answer everyone's question with patience and grace. Garland is so lucky to have her in the District.

– Martha Burnett, Staff Member

Ms. Anastasia Walton - Lister Elementary 4th grade Teacher

I want it to be known how amazing Ms. Walton has been for my son this year. She has such a big heart and has gone above and beyond to figure out what works best for her students - even the remote learners. I have worked from home and heard her in action and I see how she is keeping all her students alert. She calls on different kids to answer questions or read, keeping them interacting. I appreciate that along with how well she has them engaged and involved in the sessions. I am very impressed and thankful to have her as my son's teacher. Lister has been a wonderful school filled with wonderful teachers like her since he was in kindergarten. We are blessed and thankful for each of them. High Five, Ms. Walton.  You ROCK!

– Gina Martinez, Parent

Tamara Stovall

She is always willing to go the extra mile and look into my questions regarding Skyward. She is the Skyward queen and I really appreciate all she does for us and her willingness to help make my job as a counselor a little easier! She is so kind and works extremely fast on the requests I send! GISD is lucky and blessed to have her!

– Courtney Cox, Co-worker

All Employee Clinic Team - Rick Labelle, Jerrin Varughese, Maria Jimenez, Lorena Trujillo, Debbie Rivera, Jackie Delbosque

To my Team Members at the Employee Clinic, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your hard work, as well as, your diligence and self motivation in regards to taking care of our patients/GISD family. Every one of you do an amazing job, when it comes to working together. This is what makes a strong, successful team. Thank you for making sure that every patient is taken care of in a timely manner whether it is an in-person visit, virtual visit or just doing your very best to accommodate any and every patient need. I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you, again, for everything you do. It does not go unnoticed.

Christy Adams

– Christy Adams, Employee Clinic Manager

Super Security Squad

The GISD Security Team has worked around the clock, in freezing temperatures, to ensure our buildings remained secure and in operating order so the students could continue learning after the storm. Security team members, promptly, visited and addressed urgent situations caused by unprecedented weather events. They continued to communicate with campus leadership so students’ needs would be met without interruption upon their return. #bestteamever #supersecuritysquad

– Jessica Hicks, Co-Worker

Rosa Garcia

Ms. Garcia works hard to make sure that our students who need to graduate take care of their business. She pays attention to all of the details. She calls home to remind them, and their parents, of anything they might be missing. She even does this for our students who didn’t graduate, but just need to do one more thing to get their diploma. She is one of our greatest assets at GHS.

– Tammy Claeson , Co-worker