Staff appreciation notes

The following GISD staff members have been recognized for going the extra mile during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank someone today. 

Ana Marcor-Hernandez

In this time of isolation, our emotions can sometimes get the best of us. However, Ms. Marcor's class helped me cope with my worry by serving as an outlet, a platform for self-expression. She introduced me to several forms of art and led me to rediscover a childhood passion. I appreciate her lessons and the way they uplift and motivate me in this difficult time.

– Angela N., Student

Naaman Forest High School Counselors

Despite the distance, Naaman's counselors remain enthusiastic and accommodating. They provide students with immense guidance, and support in our endeavors, while also ensuring that we take a step back from time to time to practice self-care. I am grateful for such amazing counselors and all the diligence they pour into their work. Their efforts are the foundation of my eventual success.

– Angela N., Student

Lynette Varrassi

Despite the hectic situation that we are in, one of the things that keep me grounded is Ms. Varrassi's amazing ability to remain organized. All the links we need are presented in one place in an aesthetically pleasing manner. On top of that, her lessons and the accompanying materials are so engaging that I sometimes forget that I am learning. The skills and thoughts just develop themselves naturally.

– Angela N., Student

Thanh Tuyen Bui

While virtual school may present many new, unfamiliar problems, Ms. Bui remains diligent and especially accommodating. She pays attention to the small details and goes to great lengths to ensure that her students understand the lessons, as well as, having the materials - such as devices or prints of graph paper, for success. I am immensely grateful for what she has done for me.

– Angela N., Student

Lynsi Arango

In addition to being an amazing advocate for her students, and their college-bound paths, her determination and positive attitude inspired me to aim for success and keep moving forward despite the current circumstances.

– Angela N., Student

Sarah Harmon

Despite the pandemic circumstances, Ms. Harmon, as Naaman Forest's AVID coordinator, worked hard to organize and hold a virtual, nevertheless exciting, AVID Family Fun Night that surely brings immense joy not only to her students but also to their families and other teachers.

– Angela N., Student

Nichole Stell at Shughart Elementary

She is doing a tremendous job at teaching her class in person and virtually. She is also teaching another teacher’s class. She never loses her cool and is very passionate about what she does. She bridges the gap when parents are always there to help the students. She takes time out to make sure none of them are left behind. I am very grateful for Ms. Stell!

– Washunda Adams, Parent


She goes above and beyond to make sure we, here at the Infant Center, have all we need to get the job done.  Way to Go Kristy! You're the bomb!

– Debbie Payne , Staff

Chelsea Prettyman

Each class, she has us talk about how we feel. Recently, I wasn't feeling great. We talked and she made me feel a lot better. :)

– Cade Stafford, Student

Lynette Varrassi

Mrs. V. is continuously encouraging her students to be the best people they can be. She continues to inspire me with how hard she works both in and out of the classroom. Whether it's a good or bad day, she never ceases to break a smile! She's the strongest person I know and I am proud to be her student.

– Lydia, Student