Staff appreciation notes

The following GISD staff members have been recognized for going the extra mile during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank someone today. 

Spring Creek Mrs. Rodriquez

Always happy and sharing her knowledge. Spring Creek Superhero.

– Irma Diaz, Coworker

Spring Creek - Shanna Moseley

She always helps anyone in need. Spring Creek Superhero spirit healer.

– Irma Diaz, Coworker

Spring Creek Mrs. Bush

She is the kind of person that will help anyone with anything you need at any time. My Spring Creek Superhero.

– Irma Diaz, Coworker

Spring Creek Kinder Team

Providing reminders of things to do.  Providing reminders of coming up events.  And shares resources!  Thank you!

– Irma Diaz, Coworker

Lisa Clark

She is always there when I have a question. She is always very kind & sweet to me. Always works hard and always gets back with me for answers! I enjoy working with her.

– April Tilson, Supervisor

Stacey Gove

Stacey has gone above and beyond to help our school learn Canvas! She has taken time out of her summer to research, learn, and put together Google Slides to help us understand Canvas and how to use it. She is always willing to lend a helpful hand when we have questions. Thank you, Stacey for always being so helpful and showing the Spring Creek Way!!

– Donesa Rodriguez, Friend/Coworker

Every single person who works for GISD!

From the bus drivers, janitor, food service, teachers, warehouse workers, administration, thank you for everything you did during all this and will continue to do.

– Chris Frazier, Parent

Tamara Coleman

Tamara has been a true teammate. From March until now she has worked tirelessly with me and now our complete team, including Waller and Kinney, to support our family of teachers, students, community, and TeamGISD.

– Kim Schrader, co worker

Mrs. Abramsky

Mrs. A taught my son during ESY. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and patient. You can tell she has a passion for teaching and kept the online learning engaging and fun. I saw more progress in the 6 weeks of ESY than I have seen in the past three years. Imagine what she can do in person!

– Jeanne Phillips, Parent

ALL Pre-K Teachers at Freeman

I want to thank all of the teachers that taught my daughter during the 2019-2020 academic school year. Thank you for your patience and the TLC you showed our little one. We knew she was in the best care with you all. Thank you for everything. We will miss you!

– Jessica Lira, Parent