Strategic goal

An exceptional education has long been the focus of our district. Our top responsibility is to provide a rigorous, innovative educational experience that prepares all students for college and careers, along with developing meaningful relationships between schools, families and the community in a safe and secure environment.

With this in mind, the Garland ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. López have created specific objectives to establish and define district academic targets.

The work of the board and the district will continue as departments and campuses collaborate to develop action plans and data reporting steps. As these efforts advance and data points are collected, updates will be provided and shared so that progress on key performance indicators can be monitored. 

Goal and objectives through 2024-25 

Goal statement: Garland ISD will ensure ALL students graduate prepared for college, careers and life by increasing student performance measures, postsecondary readiness, and graduation rates and decreasing student management incidences.

Ten objectives have been identified to achieve this goal. Expand each objective below for details or download the Print Version-Student Achievement Quick Reference Scorecard (PDF).

Objective A: Early Literacy (Reading)


Goal=90% by 2025

Percent of students in grade 3 demonstrating early literacy as measured by Meets Grade Level performance on STAAR Reading.

Current performance: 43.9%
2018-19 target: 54%


Early Literacy (Reading) bar chart

Objective B: Early Literacy (Writing)

emptyGoal=70% by 2025

Percent of students in grade 4 demonstrating early literacy as measured by Meets Grade Level performance on STAAR Writing.

Current performance: 39.2%
2018-19 target: 42.0%


Early Literacy (Writing) bar chart

Objective C: English Language Acquisition

emptyGoal=76% by 2025

Percent of ELL students demonstrating English language acquisition, as measured by yearly progress indicator on the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS).

Current performance: 55.8%
2018-19 target: 58%


	English Language Acquisition bar chart

Objective D: Scientific Understanding

emptyGoal=80% by 2025

Percent of students in grade 8 demonstrating scientific understanding as measured by Meets Grade Level performance on STAAR Science.

Current performance: 46.3%
2018-19 target: 47%


Scientific understanding bar chart

Objective E: Mathematical Proficiency

emptyGoal=90% by 2025

Percent of students demonstrating mathematical proficiency as measured by Meets Grade Level performance by the end of grade 9 on STAAR Algebra I EOC.

Current performance: 64.2%
2018-19 target: 65.0%

Note: Approximately 1/3 of 7th-grade students participate in the Grade 8 or Algebra I STAAR assessments.


Mathematical Proficiency bar chart

Objective F: Post-secondary Readiness (SAT Exams)

Percent of students demonstrating postsecondary readiness exam success, as measured by meeting college ready benchmarks through 11th grade SAT School Day.

Evidenced-based Reading and Writing Goal=70% by 2025


Current performance: 50%
2018-19 target: 52%





Post-secondary Readiness (SAT Exams) Reading & Writing bar chart


Mathematics Goal=50% by 2025


Current performance: 24%
2018-19 target: 25%



Post-secondary Readiness (SAT Exams) Math bar chart

Objective G: Post-secondary Readiness (AP Exams)

emptyGoal=45% by 2025

Percent of students demonstrating postsecondary readiness exam success, as measured by AP exams with qualifying criterion scores.

Current performance: 34.8%
2018-19 target: 35%


Post-secondary Readiness (AP Exams) bar chart

Objective H: Student Management

emptyGoal=35% by 2025

Percent of discretionary exclusionary consequences as measured by ISS, OSS, and DAEP.

Current performance: 47.2%
2018-19 target: 44.5%


Student Management bar chart

Objective I: Graduation Outcomes

Percent of students successfully completing graduation and College, Career, Military Ready (CCM‐R) requirements.

Four-year Graduation Rate Goal=95% by 2025


Current performance: 92.0%
2018-19 target: 92.3%






CCM-R Graduates Goal=80% by 2025

emptyCurrent performance: 48.5%
2018-19 target: 49%

CCMR Graduates bar chart

CCMR (in process) bar chart

Mission, vision and values



The Garland Independent School District exists as a diverse community with a shared vision that serves to provide an exceptional education to all its students.


Reaching the future by driving excellence, one student at a time.


  • We believe every student can learn.
  • We know every student deserves our best.
  • We value and celebrate all cultures.
  • We respect all students, families, staff and communities.
  • We demonstrate ethical behavior.

Education Transforms Lives.