Students unite to support peers through the GRS Giving Place

Garland ISD has a long fostered a culture of taking care of one another. That sentiment is best displayed when students take on efforts to help others in need. Several students recently put that thought into practice by organizing drives to support the GRS Giving Place, which serves the district’s foster care, homeless and disadvantaged population.

“Each campus knows the importance of teaching students leadership and giving back to the community,” said case manager Emily Jandrucko. “Donations sustain the means of support the GRS Giving Place provides.”

Like it does every year, the K-Kids Club at Shorehaven Elementary School successfully completed an altruistic campaign. The group collected 240 pairs of new socks for the GRS Giving Place. And that spirit of philanthropy continued just down the street.

Weaver Elementary School counselor Michele Saldana helped her students collaborate to give to the cause as well. During Red Ribbon Week, Eagles donated items that went along with a theme. Socks were donated during silly sock day, while brushes and combs were gifted on crazy hair day. 

“It was so great to see the students come by to drop off donations. Their little smiles were priceless,” Saldana said. “It feels so good to be able to give, even if it is something quite small. We collected numerous items, and we know they will be appreciated by those who need it most.”

Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence’s BETA Club also spearheaded a charitable promotion. With the help of teacher and club sponsor Fernando Loaiza, the association planned a project that encouraged fellow Snow Leopards to donate more than 1,000 pairs of socks to the Giving Place.

“The Walnut Glen family once again came together to deliver,” Loaiza said. “Our students, parents, teachers and office staff donated a total of 1,189 pairs of socks.”

“I am so proud of our club’s first efforts,” added Principal Lisa Alexander. “This is just the beginning of what they will accomplish.”

In total, campuses have donated $1,500 worth of items this fall—and the semester is not over yet. The GRS Giving Place hopes to receive coats for students this holiday season, and believes the GISD community will unite to make that wish come true.

 Photos courtesy of Shorehaven and Weaver elementary schools, as well as Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence.