Students work together to win recycling competition

Students at three Garland ISD campuses united for an eco-friendly cause and competition. Carver and Freeman elementary schools, as well as Kimberlin Academy for Excellence, were named winners in the City of Garland’s Clothing Recycling Competition. 

“Over 50 percent of unwanted textiles in the U.S. are sent to landfills and take up almost 5 percent of landfill space,” said GISD Energy Manager Aijaz Khan. “We were inspired by the number of participants and the level of commitment demonstrated to waste reduction.”

This year’s drive resulted in 1,701 pounds of donated items. Students could gift a variety of articles, from hats to backpacks to purses. The Kimberlin community alone collected more than 400 pounds, snagging first place and a $500 check.

“Kimberlin Academy’s PTA decided to promote the competition to encourage keeping unused clothing, pots, pans, shoes and stuffed animals out of local landfills and to help others in need,” said PTA President Jana Owen. “I knew the parents, students and staff at Kimberlin would step up to the plate when given an opportunity to help. But, I never expected Kimberlin to give 465 pounds of donations.”

The Freeman Hawks also worked together to make a difference. With a donation of 221 pounds, they won the No. 2 spot and $300. And, Carver Elementary secured third place and $200 by gathering 96 pounds of material.

“Seeing the energy and organization of PTA leaders at the winning schools was the biggest surprise,” Khan expressed. “By donating clothes, residents can help free up space in landfills, reduce their carbon footprint, extend the life of materials and create economic growth.”

Donated items will benefit the World Wear Project, an organization that helps provide to those in need domestically and internationally.

Photos courtesy of LeeAnn Claunch.