Teacher outcomes


The teacher profile illustrates teacher traits, characteristics and skills that are necessary to support students so they may realize the vision of success outlined in the district Strategic Plan.  Print a copy of the Teacher Outcomes poster.


Communicates clear, relevant class expectations, procedures and timely information regarding student growth.

Instructional Designer.Instructional designer

Engages students in relevant, meaningful and rigorous learning experiences that include their interests, abilities, aptitudes and goals.


Leads and supports students’ use of digital learning assets and ethics to research, create and disseminate learning beyond the classroom walls.


Establishes and maintains effective relationships with and between colleagues and students for the purpose of co-construction products and sharing of ideas.


Goes beyond the district requirements for professional learning, exhibiting an inherent desire to be a life-long learner.


Builds relationships with students to ensure a safe, supportive learning environment.

Culture Developer.Culture developer

Creates an environment where students actively participate and are free to take risks in learning. Cultivates and celebrates a strong awareness of and a sensitivity to cultural differences.