To prepare students for the future in today's digital society, we need to provide them access to a variety of technology tools and applications. Different hardware devices, a wide variety of software, web applications and the infrastructure to support them are key components of 21st century classroom instruction.

Classroom technology

Every classroom has a teacher PC, webcam and projector as well as Internet and wireless connectivity. However, the types of additional technology available varies from school to school.

Students are allowed to bring their own device to school if they have one. They can connect to our wifi network that is filtered for safety. For more information see the Bring Your Own Device policy below.

Elementary schools

Each instructional grade-level classroom has two PCs.

There are a variety of combinations of handheld devices such as iPads, E-readers, Nooks, Kindles, and Classroom Response Systems scattered throughout the school for student use. This number is ever changing due to grants, PTA sponsorship and campus preferences. 

Middle and high schools

Each school has open labs and laptop carts that any teacher can check out to use in their classrooms. Some middle schools and every high school have CTE labs and TechApps labs.

Some schools with special programs have additional technology options available such as:

  • student PCs in classrooms
  • iPad carts or iPad trays in classrooms
  • MacBook carts and Chromebook carts

1:1 for secondary students

The Ready 1:1 initiative will provide all high school students with an iPad this fall to enhance learning and further engage our students. Find out more on the Ready 1:1 page.