Theatre, Dance & Debate



Middle school

Students in middle school can take a full year theatre course. In this course, students learn the basics of stage productions as they study acting and technical theatre.

High school

High school theatre students can choose to specialize in acting or technical theatre.

Acting program

Explore methods of artistic expression, the personnel and organization of the theatre, and the structure of the written playscript. Build on your speaking, writing, and reading skills through performance and production. Study acting, directing, and play analysis.

High School Students begin by exploring methods of artistic expression, the personnel and organization of the theatre, and the structure of the written playscript. Through performance and production, students build on their speaking, writing, and reading skills. From here, the young thespians can go on to study acting, directing, and play analysis.

Technical theater program

Discover the backstage world of the theatre. Learn about stage terminology, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, set building, and publicity. From this foundation of knowledge, you can go further to study set design and construction, costuming and make up, and lighting and sound.

Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts magnet program is offered at Garland High School. Students can apply to pursue a diploma in theatre studies.

Garland High School Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

Patty Granville Scholarship Program

Five years ago the Garland ISD Theatre Departments began an adventure with Veritex Bank and James Miller. The purpose of our partnership was to acknowledge and award the GISD theatre student performers – on stage, and in technical theatre.  Veritex Bank is a local community bank with a small town feel, including smiling faces and warm greetings.  To date….Veritex has invested over $28,000 in our theatre students. Representing Veritex Bank at the Granville Gala was Dana Cooper, the Business Development Officer.

These scholarships have been awarded on merit. These students have acted on stage, and have worked behind the scenes.  They are Thespians, and leaders in their department.  We are honored to recognize the leadership they have given their campus theatre department, and wish them the best in the years ahead.

2018 Granville Scholarship Recipients

2018 Granville Scholarship RecipientsGHS – Jonah Johnson

LCHS – Tristen Wheeler

NFHS – Kimberly Blake

NGHS – Hannah Hopfer

RHS – Sara Clites

SHS – Hannah Smith

SGHS – Emeril McCall

International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society is an honorary organization for high-school and middle-school theatre students who gain membership through participation in theatrical productions.

Students earn points by working on stage, backstage, or in the box office. Any student who wishes to participate may earn points toward membership.

UIL One Act Play

The annual UIL One Act Play contest is largest high school play production contest or play festival in the world. All of the GISD High Schools compete each Spring.

Find out more about this competition and view our winning One-Act Plays.


GISD offers four different levels of dance instruction at the high school level.

Dance I

Dance I provides students with the fundamental skills and knowledge of dance as an art form and lifetime activity.

Dance II

Dance II progresses into more complex dance movements in such forms as modern dance, folk/ethnic dance, jazz and/or tap. Students are also provided with opportunities to apply imagery concepts to groups and individuals projects associated with all types of dance and artistic forms.

Dance III

Dance III continues with more advanced concepts and explores choreography and manipulation of body, space, force, and time. Improvisation, informal presentations and critiquing are also explored.

Dance IV

Dance IV  focuses on advanced training in classical dance forms, choreography, production, performance, and dance-related careers.


High school students have many opportunities to improve their public speaking skills. There is something for every level of interest.

The Speech Communications course teaches students effective communication skills used in conversation, interviews, and personal and professional presentations.

Students who enjoy competition can join one of the nationally competitive high school debate teams.