Veterans honored throughout district

Ceremonies, care packages, parades and more. These are just some of the activities observed across the district to honor America’s heroes during Veterans Day 2016.

For the second-consecutive year, Club Hill Elementary School teamed up with Charter Spectrum Communications and the History Channel to host Thank a Veteran. The commemorative event featured a choir presentation, words from local veterans, a hallway parade and a post-ceremony reception.

Students at Steadham Elementary School also continued a newfound tradition. In November 2015, the campus launched a campaign to send military care packages to soldiers deployed overseas. This year, 14 soldiers will receive surprise priority mail packages stuffed full of goodies.

“We adopted a platoon of 11 stationed in Kuwait,” said the campaign’s organizer, Campus Technology Assistant Debra Gonzalez. “District employees also submitted three additional individuals. The packages include handmade cards, hygiene products, magazines and snacks.”

But Steadham did not conquer this mission alone. The campus received donations and help from several others across the district, including Lakeview Centennial High School, Schrade Middle School and South Garland High School.

“A lot more schools were involved this year. The SRO at Lakeview actually challenged SROs at other campuses, which resulted in more donations,” Gonzalez explained.

In addition to receiving donations and helping hands to pack boxes, the campus’ fifth-grade team conducted a fundraiser for postage costs.