Internal leasing policies

  • Use of District buildings/facilities shall be allowed upon issuance of a lease by the office of school facilities after the applicant has filed a written application for the use of building/facility.
  • No lease of a school facility will be confirmed prior to September 1st.
  • First available date of leasing a facility by an outside organization is two weeks after the beginning of school.
  • The maximum length for requests shall be for one school year.
  • Reservations for the buildings/facilities must be requested 30 days in advance of use and will not be confirmed more than 60 days in advance.
  • No lease may be approved without a certificate of general liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 and Garland ISD must be listed as the certificate holder.
  • A written, signed lease and total payment for all charges/deposits must be received in the District’s leasing office at least ten days prior to the date of facility use. If the building/facility is to be used for an extended period of time, fees for a 30-day period shall be paid in advance and monthly thereafter.
  • Charges shall be assessed from the time the facility is opened until it is cleaned and secured.
  • The minimum period of renting indoor facilities shall be three hours.
  • An adult representative of the organization leasing the building must be present at all events.
  • Any GISD employee authorized to work a lease event will be paid only by the District by clocking in/out in KRONOS.
  • When a refundable deposit is required, the cost of damage incurred during a lease period, if any, shall be deducted from the deposit and the deposit must be replenished as used.
  • If an organization damages any GISD building twice, they will no longer be allowed to lease.
  • Any non-school affiliated organization claiming a non-profit status must submit adequate documentation (ref. IRS Code 501(c)3) to substantiate that status.

Types of groups permitted


  • Group A – District (School affiliated, youth oriented, non-profit groups)
  • Group B – Non-school affiliated, youth oriented, non-profit groups (ref. IRS code 501(c)3 tax guidelines), other school districts, elections/government entities
  • Group C – Non-youth oriented, non-profit groups and for-profit requests

Turf Fields and Track (high schools only)

  • Group A –Non-school affiliated youth oriented city parks and recreation (Garland, Sachse, Rowlett)
  • Group B – Non-school affiliated, youth oriented, non-profit groups (ref. IRS code 501(c)3 tax guidelines)
  • Group C - Youth oriented, for-profit groups

District boundaries

  • For-profit organizations must operate a permanent place of business within the District boundaries. Individuals must also reside in the District. Party must also operate a place of business within the District (a post office box to establish a Garland address is not acceptable).
  • The purpose of the lease must be for the primary benefit of the residents of the District so at least 70% of the attendees must reside within District boundaries.

District employees

Any use of a District employee for the purpose of generating private income shall be covered by a lease.

Conducting business

District facilities shall not be leased to business and/or individuals for the purpose of conducting or perpetuating a commercial enterprise, or for meetings that are part of their business operations.

Long term leases

Groups that request extended use of District facilities – Long Term Leases - (ex. churches) must provide the following documentation as evidence of their intention to occupy a facility of their own.

  • The organization must hold title to the property on which building is to be erected.
  • A contract for erection of a building must be in force showing a completion date, or in the case of organizations which are constructing their own facilities, evidence of financial commitment and a reasonable projected construction completion date.
  • Extensions of the original lease period for groups that are required to document intent to occupy their own facility will not be granted unless proof of substantial progress toward occupancy of that facility is provided by the organization. Requests for extensions must be submitted not less than 30 days before the expiration of the original lease.

Summer leasing

Requests for use of buildings/facilities during the summer:

  • Due to maintenance/custodial work being done in the District over the summer months there will be no leasing of indoor facilities to outside organizations during this time.
  • Internal GISD groups may use the campuses (if work not being done on campus) during the summer months as long as the event(s) requested are processed on a summer request form. Forms must be signed by the originator, principal, and area director.
  • Once all signatures are obtained, form is sent to the facility leasing office for entry on the FSDirect calendar.
  • Groups requesting Fridays or weekends when the District is closed during the summer must have written approval from the Superintendent