Shining a light on charter school myths

With several options for education, Garland ISD wants to ensure that parents make informed choices. Charter schools often recruit families in Garland, Rowlett and Sachse. Their marketing even makes it seem like their campuses are part of our district. We know that GISD offers the best education in our tri-cities, so we want to shine a light on charter school myths.

  1. Harmony Public Schools, International Leadership of Texas and Garland Classical Academy are not GISD campuses. They are charter schools. See a list of our campuses.

  2. While 86.2% of public school districts receive an A or B rating from the Texas Education Agency, 41.4% of charter schools receive a C or below. Check out all TEA ratings at

  3. GISD serves the unique needs of all students. We do not turn anyone away. Charter schools require applications and recruit targeted students.

  4. Despite serving more students, GISD class sizes are comparable and many times even smaller than those in charter schools.

  5. Charter school programs such as dual language and STEM are not unique to their campuses. GISD offers those same opportunities and much more.

  6. Teachers in GISD are all state-certified and have an average of 11 years of experience. Teachers in charter schools do not have to be state-certified, and those in our area have an average of six or less years of experience.

  7. According to popular review sites like Google, Great Schools and Niche, GISD boasts a better reputation than local charter schools.

  8. GISD’s school board is elected by Garland, Rowlett and Sachse citizens, making the district accountable and transparent to its tri-cities. Charter boards are appointed and not accountable to taxpayers.