GISD invited to join TEA’s System of Great Schools Network

Joining an elite group of districts across the state, Garland ISD has been invited to the Texas Education Agency’s System of Great Schools (SGS) Network. SGS is committed to a common goal: more students in better schools every year. Eighteen districts have joined SGS from 2017-19, and GISD is proud to be a member of Cohort 4, launching this year. 

“Based on the information gathered through the application process and the SGS Readiness Assessment, we believe the District is well-positioned to implement the SGS theory of action and will be a vital addition to the network. We’re excited to support you in this work over the next four years,” said Marian Schutte, Director of the Division of System Support and Innovation at TEA, in a congratulatory letter.

The SGS theory of action includes the following steps to bring about transformational change:

  • Set the right goal of providing all students access to a high-quality school that best fits their educational goals and individual needs. 
  • Conduct an annual portfolio planning process that analyzes school performance, community needs, and parent feedback to inform action plans for all schools.
  • Take bold action driven by the annual planning process, including at least one school action per year.
  • Empower families by helping parents know their child’s options, enroll in their desired program, and overcome logistical barriers to attendance. 
  • Create organizational structures to drive new policies and practices that accelerate the success, efficiency, and sustainability of the System of Great Schools theory of action. 

As an SGS district, GISD will benefit from executive advisors, workshops and professional development opportunities, and support in applying for grants and other financial resources. Whether rural or urban, all SGS districts are committed to designing and leading highly-effective schools that provide every family with the academic options they desire. Most SGS districts also report an increase in the number of A and B-rated campuses after two years. 

“We are honored to be joining this network of leaders across the state,” said Garland ISD Superintendent Dr. Ricardo López. “Our work over the next four years will help increase opportunities for students while strengthening the great programs we already have in place throughout the district. I look forward to the support we will receive and to collaborating with the community.”

For more information, visit the System of Great Schools website.