TVL Parent Expectations

As your child’s TVL Teacher, you will need to be available to provide feedback and academic support to your child. By choosing this option, parents agree to the following:

  • Serve as your child’s Temporary Virtual Learning Teacher and play an active part in supporting the learning.

  • Create a designated place in your home for your student to use as their remote classroom.

  • Access parent resources to learn how to retrieve online content and assignments for your child. 

  • Watch the direct instruction videos and read content to ensure your child understands the learning expectations.

  • Ensure access to an appropriate device and Internet connectivity. 

    • Requests for technology may be submitted through the campus office

  • Set up the daily schedule for your child and monitor completion of assignments and check for understanding.

  • Ensure that independent assignments are completed without assistance.

  • Monitor your child’s understanding and progress in the learning.

  • Help your child own their learning. Provide support and encouragement and expect your children to do their part

Parents are also encouraged to bring their student(s) onsite (in an isolated setting) to participate in the Reading and Math MAP assessments when scheduled.  The results from these assessments will provide critical information about their child’s strengths and areas for growth.