Counseling updates

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Welcome back students, staff and families! We want you to know that you matter.

If you have questions about graduation plans, careers, mental health, or just need to talk, reach out to us. You can meet with your school counselors or Responsive Services counselors two ways:

We also have several resources to help you as the school year begins:

We encourage everyone to start the year off with smiles, greetings and friendliness. We look forward to sharing a great school year with our tri-cities community.

An icon of people of all types huggingTalking about race and racial injustice

In light of recent events, we've gathered some resources for parents to use in discussing race and racial injustice.

We are dedicated to promoting a positive school environment and improving the academic achievement of all students. Our counselors help eliminate barriers to success by facilitating access to information, resources and support services appropriate to each student's needs.

Individual and group counseling is provided to students whose personal concerns or problems put their personal, social, career and/or educational development at risk.

Community resources

Is your family in need of counseling, support groups, substance abuse treatment or psychiatric assessment?

Refer to our wellness and support resources page to find a list of places that can help.

Counseling services

Counselors assist students in planning, monitoring, and understanding their own educational and personal development.