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The College & Career Magnet, housed at Lakeview Centennial High School, is designed to prepare motivated students for entering college.

Through college-level courses or career exploration, students have the opportunity to leave high school with the educational foundation and critical thinking skills to pursue future goals.

Programs in the magnet are available as part of three different strands:

  • College - This strand includes the Collegiate Academy. The Collegiate Academy is a special component of the magnet with higher eligibility requirements and its own application.
  • Career - This strand includes the School of Business, Law and Criminal Justice, Future Teacher Internship and Television and Broadcasting components.
  • Classical - This strand is a continuation of the Classical magnet programs at Vial and Brandenburg.

See below for more information about specific components on the different strands.


This strand includes the Collegiate Academy. The Collegiate Academy is a special component of the magnet with higher eligibility requirements and its own application.


The career strand includes the following components:

School of Business - Business and Marketing

The LCHS School of Business is designed to capitalize on the trend toward a global market economy in the fields of Finance, Accounting, and Marketing. In addition students will be enriched through job shadowing, mentorships, and internships in students' career interests.

Law and Criminal Justice

This specialized course of study is targeted to students considering a career in the legal field. Students choose from two strands – Pre-Law or Protective Services. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the many areas of specialization within the legal community.

The Pre-Law Strand is for students who are interested in careers as lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, court reporters, bailiffs, court clerks and coordinators or other positions associated with a court.

The Protective Services Strand is for students who are interested in careers in law enforcement (federal, state or local level), special services (such as the CIA), forensics (medical examiner, crime scene investigators) and corrections (correctional officer, probation officer, prison or jail warden).

Future Teacher Internship

Students in this program will plan and direct individualized and group activities, prepare instructional materials, assist with record keeping, make physical arrangements, and complete other responsibilities of a classroom teacher. Students will be involved in observations and direct student instruction. Students will experience a full range of education related career roles, grade levels, subject areas, and ability groups.

Television Production and Broadcasting

The Television Production Magnet is housed in the same facility as GRS-TV, and is designed to be a hands-on working laboratory for the student. The facility has a fully equipped production studio, and a broadcast quality control room where students work in a real-world studio environment. Students also work with a full range of field equipment, including field cameras, lighting and audio gear.


The “classical” strand of curriculum from the Classical Centers at Vial Elementary and Brandenburg Middle Schools expands to the high school level. In addition to the piano, dance, Latin and gymnastics courses, LCHS offers a full range of fine arts courses including band, choir, art, and theatre arts.

  • Advanced Latin - Allows students to study original passages from Roman authors and prepare for AP in Latin. Students may elect to take the Virgil or Catullus Horace Exam or both for 6-18 hours of college credit.
  • Piano Lab - Students will be instructed in both group and individual settings. Piano technique and theory is available from the beginner level to advanced. No previous experience is required.
  • Dance - Students may participate in beginning to intermediate ballet and jazz. Advanced dance includes modern dance and tap dance, and finally performance dance, which requires an audition. Emphasis is placed on choreography, production, performance, and dance related careers.
  • Gymnastics - Students will participate in competitive meets on either the Varsity or JV teams. Students meet off campus and transportation is provided. Gymnastics is offered from the beginner to advanced levels.

College & Career magnet requirements

Students must:

  • be entering grades 9-11
  • get 50th percentile on the reading and math achievement test
  • pass STAAR/EOC
  • passing grades in core subjects
  • no serious discipline problems

Qualifying students are entered into a lottery, and openings are filled in the order in which they are drawn.

All interested incoming ninth grade students must complete the magnet application process regardless of previous program participation. However, incoming “classical” magnet students in good standing from the Classical Center at Brandenburg are automatically accepted to the Career and Classical Magnet Program.

*While the Collegiate Academy is managed under the broad umbrella of the College & Career Magnet programs at LCHS, its' eligibility requirements are different. See the Collegiate Academy page for details about the program, its application process and more.

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