The PSAT 8/9, PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT are standardized tests administered by the College Board to assess reading, math, and writing skills. The test gives students a chance to practice for the SAT. Taking the SAT is required for freshman entry into many universities.

All district students in eighth through 11th-grade take the PSAT for free. The SAT is administered to students in grade 11 for free.

The PSAT and SAT tests are designed to:

  • measure college and career readiness

  • have a strong connection to classroom learning

  • inspire productive practice

The PSAT 8/9 helps students plan for high school. Test results can be used to identify potential students for Pre-AP and AP classes and could help them qualify for magnet programs.

The PSAT/NMSQT is used to determine eligibility and qualification for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Benefits of taking the PSAT

You don’t get better at anything without practice and the PSAT is great practice for the SAT. Studies show that each time a student takes the PSAT exam, they improve their performance on the SAT.

The PSAT helps you:

  • discover majors and careers based on your interests and PSAT/NMSQT results

  • learn what you need to work on and get a custom study plan

  • receive information about admission and financial aid from colleges and scholarship programs

  • get feedback on how ready you are for college and access tools to help you improve

Plus, if you study and do your best on the PSAT, you could:

  • qualify to be a National Merit Scholar your junior year which will help you stand out to colleges

  • increase your chances of getting a scholarship

Superintendent Scholars

The top 100 scoring 10th grade students are designated as Superintendent Scholars. Superintendent Scholars are recognized in an award ceremony and invited to participate in the Scholar’s Academy summer program. Find out more about this and other invitation-only test prep programs.

Presentations and resources

PSAT overview

View slides from our fall parent meeting to learn more about the benefits of the PSAT and how Khan Academy can improve performance.

PSAT 2017-18 Parent Meeting Presentation Slides (PDF)

PSAT 2017-18 Parent Meeting Presentation Slides - Spanish (PDF)

PSAT student score report

The following presentation helps you review your scores and learn how to use your PSAT score report, your online College Board account, Naviance, and Khan Academy to set goals for yourself.

PSAT Student Score Report Classroom Lesson (Video)

PSAT Student Score Report Classroom Lesson slides with notes (PDF)

PSAT Student Reflection Worksheet (PDF)

More information

For more information, visit the College Board website.

Homeschooled students

Contact the counseling office of the nearest high school for information or to register.