Human Resources

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Auxiliary/paraprofessional personnel
(contact: 972-487-3074)

College student observation 
(contact: Anel Hernandez)


Professional personnel
(contact: 972-487-3057)

(Elementary schools contact: Alex Rivera phone: 469-571-9490)
(Secondary schools contact: Kishawna Wiggins phone: 214-289-0061)

Student teaching
(contact:  Alex Rivera phone: 469-571-9490 or Kishawna Wiggins phone: 214-289-0061)

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Mailing address

Garland Independent School District
P.O. Box 469026
Garland, TX 75046-9026


Employee Position
Dr. Gradyne Brown Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Rodney McHenry Director - Auxiliary Human Resources
Tanya Ramos Director - Elementary Human Resources
Atticus Wisener Director - Secondary Human Resources
Thelma Rios-Gonzalez Administrator Human Resources
Alex Rivera Recruitment Coordinator
Dr. Kishawna Wiggins Recruitment Coordinator
Lisa Clark Substitute Office Manager
Dana Knox Human Resources Specialist - Investigations/Backgrounds
Anel Gonzalez Certification Specialist - Elementary Schools
Teena Johnson Certification Specialist - Secondary Schools
Candi Arredondo Fingerprint Specialist
Latonja Cooper Secretary to Executive Director
Liza Crowe Secretary to Secondary Director
Christie Godfrey Secretary to Elementary Director
Pam Cornelius Secretary to Auxiliary Director
Blanca Moctezuma Substitute Office Secretary
Nikki Maddox Administrative Selections HR Support
Centorial Hughes Staffing Specialist
Sharon Moody Staffing Specialist
Connie Rodriguez Staffing Specialist
Ana Binongcal Staffing Specialist
Linda Espinoza Staffing Specialist
Debbie Rogers Leaves and Absences Specialist A-L
Kelly Wheatley Leaves and Absences Specialist M-Z
Cecilia Pineda Leaves Specialist, Auxiliary Human Resources
Rosie Reyes Receptionist
Angelyn Pham Recruitment Specialist
Benita Carroll HR Hourly
James Brezik Investigator