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School Health Advisory Council

Committee Type: 
District Level Opportunities
Committee Purpose: 

To make recommendations about the district’s health education instruction.

Frequency of Meetings: 

The council meets 4 times during the school year

Committee Makeup: 
  • 51% parent members
  • 49% district and community members
  • 12 non-school members
Committee Members: 

Parent Members:
Michelle de Klerk - Parent Co-Chair
Dr. Karana Fairley 
Gloria Cook
Dana York 
Lourdes McCain 
Tiffany Shelby 
Lisa Bavelaar
Kathy Harmon
Merna Harshman-Martinez
Melody Boatwright
Rose Troche

Community Members:
Jenny Eyer - Children at Risk
Stephanie Dean - Baylor Scott & White Health

Garland ISD Members:
Maggie Willis - Health Services
Renee Kotsopoulos - Health Services
Bradford Trudeau - Nutrition Services
Ruby Hart Armstrong - Counseling/Psychological Services
Liz Kiertscher - Staff Wellness
Louise Gartrell - Physical Education/Health
Sabrina Jeter – Risk Management 


Louise Gartrell
Coordinator PE, Curriculum & Instruction