Elementary Talented Program music assessment requirements

The music assessment is a two part assessment.  Students must perform two prepared pieces.  If the student is not prepared to perform two pieces, they will not be allowed to perform.  We strongly suggest that you ask the campus music teacher to help you select music that will show your student’s strongest musical skills.

Performance assessment

  • Students will perform two prepared solos (instrumental and/or vocal)
  • One selection must be memorized
  • All songs should be age and ability appropriate in range and style
  • Songs learned in private music lessons, school music class, church choir, or civic group are appropriate
  • If needed, an accompanist will be provided for you (sheet music must be provided for the accompanist)
  • You may sing with a recorded accompaniment (Karaoke-style)
  • You may not sing with a performer on a recording
  • Due to time restraints, students may be asked to perform only part of each selection

Classroom assessment

The second part of the assessment is done in a classroom setting by grade level. There is no home preparation for this part of the assessment. This assessment enables the teacher to observe how well a student matches pitch, learns rhythmic and melodic patterns, and their ability to perform short musical phrases as a harmony part or as an accompaniment part. This assessment is conducted by a panel of four elementary music teachers.


Private lesson teachers or campus music teachers may provide a recommendation letter on behalf of the student.  Recommendation letters should be brought to the assessment and will be collected as you check in.

For more information, contact your campus music teacher.