Talented Program visual art assessment requirements

  1. Students are required to bring a portfolio to the assessment. Note: Students that do not bring a portfolio will not be eligible to participate in the assessment.
  2. Students will be required to complete two on-site art assignments as part of the assessment.
  3. The assessment will last for one hour.

Student portfolios

  • Portfolios should include a collection of original artworks.
  • Portfolios should include approximately 5 to 10 works of art.
  • Each artwork should include the student’s name, school and the age they were when each artwork was created. This can be included on the back of the artwork.
  • Portfolios should include artwork that reflects the student’s art abilities (not the abilities of others).
  • Portfolios should include artwork that exemplifies quality and natural creativity.
  • Portfolios should include artworks that show the student’s ability to work and create on their own.
    • Possible artworks include but are not limited to: drawings, paintings, photography, digital art, weavings, pottery, mixed media, and sculpture.
    • Possible art materials may include but are not limited to: pencil, markers, crayons, oil or chalk pastels, colored pencils, paint, textiles, and clay.
    • Artwork made at home, or artwork made under the direction of a qualified teacher during class at school or class outside of school.
    • Possible topics for works of art may include but are not limited to: people, animals, plants, buildings, landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes.
    • If a student has created sculptures that are large, fragile or otherwise hard to transported then photos may be submitted.
    • If a student uses a sketchbook on a regular basis please include it in the portfolio.
    • Your portfolio can be presented in a simple manila file folder, a colored pocket folder, or in between a sheet of poster board that has been folded in half. Expensive portfolio cases are not necessary.
  • Portfolios should not include artwork that was traced or created from pre-made coloring worksheets.
  • Portfolios should not include artwork created by or through prompted direction from parents, older siblings, internet videos or any other person.
  • Portfolios should not include artworks that are low quality such as quick scribbles or fast drawings.

Portfolio evaluation

Portfolios will be evaluated by a committee of qualified art teachers. The Art Assessment Committee reserves the right to disqualify any student portfolio consisting of artwork aided by parents, professionals, or any person other than the student being assessed.  The Assessment Committee also reserves the right to disqualify a student portfolio if the skill level of the impromptu art assignment is substantially different from the skill level of the artwork contained inside a student’s portfolio.

For more information, contact your campus art teacher.