Proof of income for Pre-K eligibility

You must provide written evidence for proof of income for prekindergarten eligibility.

Documentation of income submitted by the household must provide:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Amount of income stated

Households must provide income information for a period of one month.

  • If one weekly pay stub is representative of what the household receives each week, one pay stub is sufficient to calculate a full month’s income.
  • If one weekly pay stub is not representative of what the household receives each week, pay stubs for an entire month must be submitted.

Acceptable types of written evidence

Earnings—wages and salary

Total or gross earnings before the withholding for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), taxes or other deductions, such as insurance.

  • Current paycheck stub
  • Current pay envelope
  • Letter from employer stating gross wages paid and how often they are paid

Earnings of self‐employed business person or farmer

  • Business or farming documents, such as ledger books and/or self‐issued paycheck stub.
  • Last year’s tax return.

Cash income

  • A letter from the employer stating wages paid and frequency.

Child support or alimony

Only actual payments and not the amount that is supposed to be received should be reported.

  • Copies of checks or other proof of payments received (including bank statement)
  • Court decree; or
  • Agreement

Note: Any monies paid out for alimony or child support may not be deducted from a household’s reported gross income.


  • Official statement of benefits received
  • Pension award notice

R. R. Benefit or Railroad Retirement

  • Official statement of benefits received
  • Railroad retirement award letter


A household that does not have satisfactory SNAP/TANF documentation may request a signed, dated letter from the SNAP/TANF office certifying that the child is part of a household currently receiving benefits.


SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)

TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

EDG# - Eligibility Determination Group Number

Social Security retirement

  • Social Security retirement benefit letter
  • Official statement of benefits received
  • Monthly check

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • SSI eligibility letter
  • SSI check
  • Official statement of benefits received
  • Bank statement indicating deposit into account

Unemployment compensation/disability or workers’ compensation

  • Notice of eligibility from state employment office
  • Copy of the disability award letter/unemployment compensation award letter
  • Check stub
  • Agency records