Participants develop those difficult to teach skills…team-work and self-confidence while effectively staying engaged and learning in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) culture.

GISD is cultivating a culture of “Students and Teachers Engaging Active Minds” by providing prekindergarten through 12th grade STEAM challenges that align with the district's Strategic Plan to support student-centered critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration and communication.

The challenges culminate with the GISD STEAMposium, an interactive full-day event at the Curtis Culwell Center with a keynote speaker and award ceremony.

STEAM Framework

The STEAM educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful. Students can participate in five different ways: engineering challenges, VEX Robotics, the Maker Tank challenge, the Science Fair, and coding.

Engineering iconEngineering

Engineering design challenges engage learners in hands-on, authentic challenges and coordinates with state and national STEM standards.

Robotics iconVEX Robotics

The ultimate game-based STEM activity for middle and high school students. STEAMletes use the VEX design o build innovative robots designed to score points in competitive matches and skills challenges.

Maker Tank iconMaker Tank

To inspire the next generation of engineers, inventors, and innovators, Maker Tank, a “Shark Tank” style challenge, is designed to showcase student makers exploring new forms and new technologies. Participants will pitch their products utilizing their entrepreneurial skills.

Science Fair iconScience Fair

The district and regional Science and Engineering Fairs allow both elementary and secondary students to research and investigate the “why."

Coding iconCoding

Coding challenges inspire students to acquire skills necessary to unleash their potential to problem solve through code, words, pictures or numbers. 

2017 STEAMposium recap

Young students at the STEAMposium.Event photos

Students from across the school district gathered for a day of family fun, competition and learning, exploring their talents through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

See the 2017 photo gallery.

Award winners at the STEAMposium.Event winners

Awards were given throughout the day for each competition.

See full list of event winners.

STEAMly Cup winners

STEAMly cup winners are determined by points accumulated per student population. The 2017 STEAMly cup winners include:

  • Northlake Elementary
  • Herfurth Elementary
  • Walnut Glen Academy
  • Beaver MST
  • Jackson MST
  • Classical Center at Brandenburg
  • Memorial Pathway
  • Lakeview Centennial HS