Board of Trustees

Trustee election canceled

The Garland Independent School District hereby cancels the election scheduled to be held on May 5, 2018 in accordance with Section 2.053(a) of the Texas Election Code. The following candidates have been certified as unopposed and are hereby elected as follows:

Candidate: Robert Selders, Jr. 
Office Sought: Place 6, Garland ISD Board of Trustees

Candidate: Wesley "Wes" Johnson
Office Sought: Place 7, Garland ISD Board of Trustees

Dowload a copy of the signed Order of Cancellation (PDF), issued Feb. 27, 2018.

A copy of this order will be posted on Election Day at each polling place that would have been used in the election.


The seven board members are elected at-large to three-year terms. They serve on a volunteer basis, devoting many hours to overseeing the management of the district.

Board policy

The legal and local policies that govern the district may be found in the Board Policy Online system.

Board Policy Online

If you have a question about a board policy, contact the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services & Community Relations.

Contacting the board

To provide input to board members, you may send an email to the board clerk for forwarding, use to notify all Trustees or click on their photo below to find an individual Trustee email address. Comments may also be mailed to:

Name of Trustee, c/o Board of Trustees
Garland Independent School District
P.O. Box 469026
Garland, TX 75046-9026

See the board meetings page for details about speaking directly to the Trustees during a meeting.

Photo of Larry H. Glick.
President  |  Place 1
Photo of Jed Reed.
Vice President  |  Place 4
Photo of Johnny Beach.
Secretary  |  Place 2
Photo of Linda Griffin.
Assistant Secretary  |  Place 3
Jamie Miller
Trustee  |  Place 5
Photo of Robert Selders, Jr.
Trustee  |  Place 6
Photo of Rick Lambert.
Trustee  |  Place 7