Annual Academic Performance Report

Texas Education Code Chapter 39 requires each district’s board of trustees to publish an annual report that includes the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), district and campus performance objectives, a report of violent or criminal incidents, and information received under Texas Education Code §51.403(e) from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Annual reporting requirements for GISD include the documents and information listed below.

2019-20 Annual Academic Performance Report

The data reported below covers the 2019-20 reporting period and it will shared with the GISD Board of Trustees in Feb. 2021. 

District accreditation statuses

  • 2019 FIRST Rating: A-Superior
  • 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster
  • 2019-20 Accreditation Status: Accredited

District reports

Violent/Criminal Incidents Report

Includes prevention and intervention guidelines, along with student-protection initiatives

Graduate Report

Includes data from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Report on student performance at postsecondary institutions for the district and each campus


Texas Academic Performance Report

Financial Report

Financial Actual Report includes the most recent Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) data available for the required reporting period

Performance Objectives

Performance Objectives report for the district

Need printed reports?

For printed copies of the report data, contact:

Student Services

Research, Assessment & Accountability