Learn more about the importance of attendance and find attendance guidelines.

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Attendance is required by law

Under the Texas State Compulsory Attendance Law, all students age 6-19 must attend school each day for the entire school day unless exempt by law.  This includes students voluntarily enrolled in prekindergarten or kindergarten as well as students 19 years or older. 

Students must also attend class 90% of the days a class is offered to receive credit or a final grade (regardless of excused absences). Students must recover the lost time to receive credit:

  • 75-89% attendance: The student must earn credit for the class by completing a plan approved by the principal.
  • Under 75% attendance: The student must go through the Attendance Recovery Process.

Unexcused voluntary absences for 10 days or more within 6 months (whether in full days or parts of days) violates state law. This may lead to a court referral against the parent, guardian or student.

Attendance procedures for 2020-21

We want all students to succeed, which includes attending every class, every day on time.  During the 2020-2021 school year, students are able to attend in multiple ways:

Types of attendanceDescription
Face-to-face Present
(All students)
Physically on campus with an educational professional.
Synchronous Present
(grades 3-12)
A virtual student is logged in at the time attendance is taken as part of remote learning.

Asynchronous Present

A virtual Prekindergarten-grade 2 student is present online as part of remote learning.

Asynchronous Present
(grades 3-12)

A virtual student submits, engages in, or makes progress on their daily assignments before 11:59 p.m. on the date of absence, as part of remote learning.


If a student is not present at the time of attendance, teachers will mark them absent. For the 2020-21 school year, students have the opportunity to gain attendance credit (asynchronously) by engaging in daily assignments on the date of the absence.  If your student is absent and cannot attend virtually or complete assignments online, please submit a notification through Skyward. Official doctor notes for absences may be physically turned into the campus, but a digital version (PDF/photo/scan) is preferred. Consequences for multiple absences include:

  • Behavior plan

  •  Student or parent conference

  • Loss of class credit

  • Referral to truancy court

Parents are encouraged to speak to a school administrator regarding special situations or circumstances.