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Attendance procedures for 2020-21

Garland ISD wants all students to succeed. Student success includes attending every class, every day on time.  During the 2020- 2021 school year, students are able to attend in multiple ways:

Types of attendanceDescription
Face-to-face PresentPhysically on campus with an educational professional.
Synchronous PresentVirtual student that is logged in at the time attendance is taken.
Asynchronous PresentAttending virtually in Pre-K through grade 2; or Submitted, engaged or made progress on daily assignment before 11:59p on the date of absence (All grade levels).
AbsentNot in attendance or participation at the time of attendance; Does not show any communication, engagement or progress.


If a student is not present at the time of attendance, they will be marked absent. For the 2020-21 school year, students have the opportunity to gain attendance credit (asynchronously) by engaging in daily assignments on the date of the absence.

As we explore more ways for students to be present, student absences will not be distinguished between excused and unexcused. Absences will be updated by teachers based on student daily progress.

If your student is absent, please contact the campus or submit a notification through Skyward.

During this time period, students who develop a pattern of absences, may :

  • receive an absence report letter describing the dates of absence
  • be required to attend an administrative or teacher conference
  • have to follow an attendance plan
  • lose class credit based on non-attendance