Choice of School

2019 Choice of School dates

Families can make school selections during the annual Choice of School periods. New students are also encouraged to enroll at this time.

Students entering grades 1-12

Jan. 14 through Feb. 12

Students entering prekindergarten and kindergarten

March 20 through April 18

Garland ISD is the only option for true choice when it comes to schools. Families can attend any campus in the district, whether it's down the street or across town.

In most districts, attendance zones determine where students will attend school. Our "Choice of School" program, allows parents to select the campus they want their children to attend for the next school year.

Want the Montessori experience without the private school price? Want to study dance or gymnastics, automotive repair or woodworking? Find your fit based on individual interests, learning styles, friends, neighborhoods, etc.

Our program provides a unique opportunity to customize your student’s educational experience. Learn more about the advantages parents and students receive from our Choice of School program in this video.

How do I take advantage of the Choice of School program?

There are two 30-day Choice of School periods each spring for families to make their selections.

When are the annual choice of school periods?

For students entering grades 1-12 in the fall, the choice period is during January and February. Specific dates will be announced.

For students entering prekindergarten or kindergarten in the fall, the choice period is during March and April. Specific dates will be announced.

How do I submit my choice?

Parents are given the opportunity to choose up to three campuses.

Current students

For current GISD students, parents may complete a Choice of School form online through Skyward Family Access or may return a paper form to their current campus. You must return/submit the Choice of School form on or before the 30-day deadline.

New to GISD

Students who are new to GISD will complete the Choice of School form as part of the enrollment process.

How will my school assignment be determined?

We will do our best to honor your first choice and also place siblings at the same campus. More than 96 percent of families receive their first choice.

Although our goal is to grant everyone's choice, other factors play a role in the final assignment such as:

  • how close a student lives to their choice
  • building capacity
  • teacher-to-student ratios
  • court-ordered ethnicity ratio requirements
  • number of students with the right to remain at their campus

Do I have to participate during Choice of School periods?

Only students who wish to change their campus, are new to GISD or entering kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades must make selections. Current students have the right to remain at their campuses.

What if I like my current campus?

That's great! You do not need to submit a Choice of School form.

How about special programs?

Students who are invited to and accept a seat in a special program (magnet, special education, etc. ) are not required to participate in the Choice of School process.

What about transportation?

Students who live more than 2 miles from a campus may be eligible for district transportation.

Transportation maps are available:

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