Course guides

Here you will find the current course offerings for middle school and high school students in Garland ISD. Critical information is contained in this section to help our students and their families make wise decisions regarding course selection.

Beginning in grade 6, students should be planning how to earn their high school diploma. House Bill 5, passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013, made substantial changes to the state's graduation requirements. All entering high school students must meet the requirements of the Foundation High School Program. In addition to completing the 22-credit Foundation Program, each student has the opportunity to earn an endorsement in specific areas of study by completing four additional credits for a total of 26 credits and to earn a performance acknowledgment.

By graduation, each student should strive to achieve at least one College, Career, or Military Readiness (CCMR) indicator. The following indicators are awarded for these accomplishments:

  1. Meet criteria or 3 on AP or 4 on IB examination
  2. Meet TSI criteria via SAT, ACT, TSI-A, or College Prep Course in English and math
  3. Complete a dual credit course (9 hours in any subject or 3 hours English/mathematics)
  4. Earn an associate’s degree
  5. Complete an OnRamps course
  6. Earn a Level I or Level II certificate
  7. Graduate with completed IEP and workforce readiness
  8. Be admitted to a postsecondary industry certification program
  9. Enlist in the US Armed Forces
  10. Career and Technical Education coherent sequence coursework aligned with industry-based certifications

According to Texas law, students must also pass all parts of the state‐mandated examinations, which are called the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), in order to graduate. Middle school students take STAAR in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  High school students must take five STAAR "End of Course" assessments: English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, and US History. Any student in regular education who has not mastered all parts of the STAAR exams by May of the twelfth-grade year cannot receive a diploma or participate in the graduation ceremonies.

Counselors, teachers, and other school employees are available to work with students and parents to ensure that each student has a four‐year high school plan of study suitable for that individual's needs and interests.

Plan for your best future when selecting courses.  Students and parents, good luck in creating a plan of study that will provide students many options upon graduation! Please see your counselor if you need assistance or more details.

We encourage students to plan for their best future when selecting courses. Visit the Graduation requirements page to learn more.