School year calendar

Revised school year calendar

The 2020-21 calendar was revised by the Board of Trustees on June 23. The first day of school is now Monday, Aug. 10, and school hours have changed to allow for 10 additional minutes of instructional time. 

The new calendar features intersession weeks, which consist of special days where students have the opportunity to participate in remediation, acceleration or enrichment activities, similar to summer school offerings in previous years. 

Students who qualify for remediation will be strongly encouraged to attend, either in-person or virtually, but attendance is optional. Some teachers may choose to work for extra pay during that time. Staff and students who do not work or attend school will have the intersession week off. 

 Watch this video to learn more about intersession.

The key dates for the school year are determined by committee and then submitted to the Board of Trustees for review and approval each year. Comments and suggestions regarding the school calendar may be directed to Teaching & Learning Development