Standardized dress code

Many of our elementary and middle schools have a standardized dress policy. This policy requires students to wear certain types of clothing but not specific brands of clothing.

There are some general requirements common from school to school but each one will provide information about its specific requirements. Color requirements are the same for all schools.

Each school has the option to choose days when alternative clothing may be worn (ex.  School Spirit Day, Career Day, Free-Dress Day, etc.)

Note: The Handley Elementary ACE school has a specific school uniform requirement. See the Handley Dress Code page for more details.

General requirements

Questions about a specific standardized dress item should be directed to your school.


  • Red, navy or white polo-style shirts with no logos (short or long sleeve)
  • Red, navy or white sweaters or sweatshirts

Pants and shorts

  • Navy or khaki slacks or shorts
  • Cargo-style slacks or shorts are not allowed
  • Shorts must be modest length (approximately two inches above the knee or longer)


Girls may also choose:

  • Navy or khaki skirts, skorts, capris or jumpers
  • Skirts, skorts and jumpers must be of modest length (approximately two inches above the knee or longer)

Which schools have standardized dress?

Students attending these schools are expected to comply with the standardized dress code and arrive at school appropriately dressed. Students may be subject to disciplinary consequences if they do not abide by the dress code.

Elementary schools
  • Back
  • Bradfield
  • Bullock
  • Caldwell
  • Classical Center at Vial
  • Club Hill
  • Cooper
  • Daugherty
  • Davis
  • Ethridge
  • Freeman
  • Golden Meadows
  • Handley
  • Heather Glen
  • Herfurth
  • Hickman
  • Lister
  • Luna
  • Montclair
  • Park Crest
  • Pearson
  • Routh Roach
  • Shugart
  • Spring Creek
  • Toler
  • Watson Technology Center
  • Weaver
  • Williams
Middle schools
  • Bussey
  • Classical Center at Brandenburg
  • Sam Houston
  • Jackson Technology Center
  • Lyles
  • O'Banion
  • Sellers
  • Webb