School meals

Free student meals during closure

We hold the well-being of our students as our highest priority. To make sure all of our students have access to meals during the district's closure, we will be providing curbside breakfast and lunch to students under 19 for the duration of the closure period.

Curbside meal pickup locations

Pay for meals with PayPams

PayPams is a convenient and secure way to pre-pay for school meals online or with the app. Set-up automatic payments, get low balance notifications and more.


School menus

The Nutrislice website and smartphone app lets you browse through school menus, learn nutritional facts, and see upcoming dishes in multiple languages.

School Menus

To download the app on an Apple or Android smartphone, search for Nutrislice in the app store.

Meal prices

Meals are priced as a unit but items may also be purchased separately.

Breakfast for all grades$1.50
Elementary school lunch$2.85
Secondary school lunch$2.85
High school premium lunch$3.50

We also provide free and reduced-price meals to students who qualify.

Meal charge policy

All students will be allowed to charge up to a negative balance of $25 on their meal accounts. Students will be given a low balance notice when they have any negative balance. The parent/guardian will be contacted personally and electronically when the negative balance reaches $10.

See Board Policy CO for local and legal regulations regarding food services management.

You may also refer to the district's administrative regulations regarding the meal charge policy below:
Garland ISD Meal Charge Policy, CO (Reg)

It is our goal that no child goes without a meal. We will work with families to ensure they are receiving all meal benefits that they qualify for. Visit the Free and reduced-price meals page for more information.

What’s included in a meal?

Choose 3-5 options for a full lunch meal:

  • an entrée
  • one selections of fruit, two selections of fruit in high school
  • two selections of vegetables 
  • a grain/bread which may be part of the entrée or separate
  • milk

Choose 3-4 options for a full breakfast meal:

  • two entrées which is a combination of grain/breads and meat
  • two selection of a fruit or juice
  • milk

File a complaint

To file a Civil Rights Discrimination complaint, please complete the form below and mail to:

Director of Student Nutrition Services (SNS)
701 N First St, Garland TX 75040.

Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF)

Menu Advisory Committee (MAC)

Members of this committee help plan menus for the next school year. Visit the  Menu Advisory Committee (MAC) page to learn more about how you can get involved.

Contact us

For more information about school meals, contact:

Student Nutrition Services